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Our University

State-of-the-art campuses

Our campuses offer high-quality learning, teaching, and research spaces to better meet the needs of students, academics, and researchers.

QUT is a major Australian university with a global outlook and a real-world focus. We are one of the nation’s fastest-growing research universities and our courses are in high demand. Our graduates include eight Rhodes Scholars, five of these awarded in the past six years.

We are an ambitious and collaborative institution that seeks to equip our students and graduates with the skills they'll need in an increasingly disrupted and challenged world. We are transforming the student experience we offer our 50,000 students and we place a premium on the international and national accreditation of our various professional degrees.

Our internationally award-winning Science and Engineering Centre is home to The Cube, acknowledged as one of the world’s largest digital interactive learning and display spaces. We established the world's first Creative Industries Faculty, and we invest heavily in collaborative learning and interdisciplinary research environments.

Real World Learning 2020 Vision

Our Real World Learning 2020 Vision outlines our clear aspirations for our graduates and learner experiences, consistent with our distinctive identity as the university for the real world.

To enact this vision over the coming years we will continue to commit ourselves to a culture of collaboration, working closely with staff and students and with industry and community partners to support the evolving needs of our learners.

We will be charting our progress as we experiment, test, evaluate and implement new ideas while encouraging, enabling and sharing existing strengths and good practices.

Our vision


QUT graduates will thrive in volatile environments over the long term, contribute productively as individuals and in teams and combine depth in professional knowledge with broad perspectives based on exposure to new ideas and different cultures.

Our graduates will:

  • Be curious, agile and resilient learners
  • Employ different ways of thinking, broad perspectives and evidence-based decision making to inform practice, and to imagine and realise change
  • Contribute to an impact on the world around them in ethical and sustainable ways
  • Be effective collaborators and communicators in disciplinary and interdisciplinary contexts
  • Employ digital literacies and use technology strategically to leverage information and to collaborate
  • Interact in local and global cultural contexts with knowledge of and respect for diverse cultural perspectives.

Learner experience

QUT's real-world learning experience will reflect the physical and digital nature of the world in which we live and work. The QUT learner experience, encompassing curricular and co-curricular activities, will:

  • Provide authentic learning and assessment in all units
  • Have work-integrated learning (WIL) in all courses
  • Value our learners and the knowledge and experience they bring
  • Enable learners to develop depth in professional knowledge with broad perspectives, including exposure to other disciplines and ways of thinking
  • Purposefully engage learners with diverse cultural perspectives, with specific inclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge
  • Support learners to develop their professional profiles, networks, and employability to find and create meaningful work and self-manage their careers
  • Enable learner connectedness and support
  • Be personalized, flexible and adaptable to better meet learners' ongoing learning needs
  • Be enhanced through online and blended learning technologies and tools.

Strategies for achieving our vision

Curriculum and learning transformation

We will invest in curriculum and learning transformation through:

  • Using the five-year course transformation and reaccreditation cycle to strengthen and assure the QUT learner experience
  • Providing strategic support and resources to curriculum leaders and teams to enable high impact transformation in courses
  • Expanding on market-driven, high-quality, continuing professional learning offerings
  • Using a broad evidence base and multiple perspectives to inform our decision making.

Staff development

We will invest in our staff through:

  • Team-based, situated approaches to capability building, to imagine, create and facilitate engaging, relevant, real-world experiences in online, blended and face-to-face contexts
  • Building and maintaining real-world currency and connectedness in the QUT workforce through recruitment strategies and professional development leave (PDL)
  • Aligning workforce planning, reward, and recognition of excellence with our real-world learning 2020 vision.

New ways of thinking and working

We will encourage and enable new ways of thinking and working through:

  • Supporting and rewarding 'cross-boundary' collaboration within and beyond QUT
  • Enabling collaborative partnerships with students, industry, and community throughout the process of change and transformation
  • Investing in and rewarding innovation, and building tolerance for failure as a necessary part of innovation
  • Creating lean, flexible and streamlined policies, processes and technology solutions to support real-world learning priorities.

At a glance

We're well known as 'the university for the real world' because of our close links with industry and our relevant teaching and applied research. Industry representatives and professionals contribute to our course development, adding a practical perspective to theoretical education.

Our academic staff consult in industry and work on industry projects which often involve students. Staff and students have access to the latest teaching technology.

2019 statistics

Student enrolments 52,511
Full-time students 39,744
International students 9,769
Total university revenue $1.16 billion



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