Belarusian State University


Reasons to Choose BSU

The Belarusian State University is a leading scientific, educational, innovation and cultural center of the Republic of Belarus. Belarusian State University (BSU) Minsk, Belarus, was founded on October 30, 1921. It exercises its’ potential which is based on the best domestic and international experience in order to comply with intellectual, cultural and social demands and interests of the individual, society, and state and to facilitate the sustainable development of the country. The University Strategy is based on creative cooperation of academic staff and students and aimed at

  • performing educational, research and innovation programs;
  • forming auspicious conditions for the development of intellectual and creative potential of the individual;
  • cherishing and upholding the best traditions of university classic education;
  • securing a fitting place in the world educational area.


The leading Belarusian university preparing specialists of world’s level. University which enters 2% of the best world universities, taking high positions among 30 thousand of already existing higher education institutions.

  • A compliance certificates quality management system to the ISO 9001.
  • A wide range of specialties.
  • Affordable tuition fee.
  • Internationally recognized diploma.


The higher education system of Belarus presupposes several steps:

  • the first step of higher education (specialist)
  • the second step of higher education (Master studies)
  • Doctoral studies.

Studying year is divided into 2 terms, each ending with an exam session. The knowledge check is conducted in the form of credits and exams. During the exam session students’ work during the term is assessed: the integrity of knowledge, the depth, and solidity of the theoretical knowledge, creative thinking development, skills for self-work and ability to apply the knowledge while solving practical problems. Students must pass all the credits and exams in accordance with the curriculum and exams session timetable. Students who have passed all the credits and term papers, graphical papers and tasks foreseen by the curriculum get admission to pass the exams. Academic calendar

  • Documents are accepted until October, 15.
  • Students can come for studies from August, 15 until October, 15.
  • Introductory program: October, 10 – October, 15.
  • Autumn term: September – December.
  • Exam session: December-January.
  • Vacations: February (3 weeks).

After finishing the studies the student gets the graduation education document according to the level of the program/course obtained and the terms of studies. Students who study at the programs of the full studying cycle (specialist/Master studies) get a diploma in higher education. Students who study at short-term programs get Transcript of records.


Belarus is a modern independent state with a high level of intellectual and industrial potential. Belarus is an original and beautiful country with rich historical past and unique nature. It is situated in the center of Europe and has common borders with 5 countries: Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, and Russian Federation. We treat foreign citizens in a tolerant way. There are no interracial, inter-ethnical or religious conflicts. Belarusians themselves are famous for their hospitality, tolerance, and cordiality and you can see that with your own eyes. Studying in Belarus you will have a unique opportunity to dip into country’s life, culture and traditions, master your knowledge of Russian, get the experience of communication with native speakers and make new friends.



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Республика Беларусь

Minsk, Minsk Region, Belarus