Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce and the IEE of University of Louvain-La Neuve


The Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1950 to foster contacts between Belgium and Italy. It is the point of reference par excellence for any company willing to promote its own business and widen its network in Italy and in Belgium and is located in the center of Brussels near the European Institutions. The Chamber indeed offers a wide range of promotional services, training, assistance, and consultancy, which represents an advantage for its members. From 2009, the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce is involved, as a leader or a partner, in different EU tenders and projects. For over ten years, the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with the Institute of European Studies of the University of Louvain-La-Neuve, gives to 30 students the chance to understand and experience Europe and European projects with the International Master in European Studies, which takes place twice a year, from April to July and from September to December, in Brussels, the Capital of Europe.



Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce

Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce
Avenue Henri Jaspar, 113

1060 Brussels, Belgium
+32 2 534 45 79

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