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For more than three decades we have been entrusted with the training and theological education of pastors and other church workers in order that they obey the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ in and through local churches throughout the world. To that end, we work to provide our students with training for ministry that is both biblically accurate and relevant to our context. We believe that it is not enough for us simply to impart knowledge.

It is our vision to train God-called men and women for twenty-first century leadership in tough places. We want to foster in the next generation of leaders a desire to go into difficult places, and to face courageously the challenges that confront us there.

As we embark on future decades of ministry, we believe the work of our school has never been more critical. The small group of churches that began the school has grown to well over 350 churches today, with a persistent vision to become 1,000 churches in less than five years. Our school is playing a pivotal role in the realization of that vision. Year over year God dispatches more alumni to regions in Canada from the Pacific Coast to the Atlantic Coast, and northward toward our expansive Territories.

The church-planting vision of the Canadian National Baptist Convention has thoroughly captured the imagination of many students, and they are daring to venture into Canada’s tough places for the sake of Christ and the expansion of His Kingdom. And in addition to our alumni serving in Canada, we have other alumni who have spread to regions around the globe, serving as missionaries. The missionary zeal that was infused into our school at our inception has resulted in graduates who have chosen to leave Canada to go to places that are tougher still.

At the CSBS&C, like Caleb, we are asking God to give us the hill country (Joshua 14:12) and we are not referring to the Rocky Mountains that frame our splendid western view. We are looking for students who want to be equipped to serve in the hard places, whether that is in a remote village in the Yukon, in downtown Vancouver, or in an international missions setting.

As our school seeks to engage lostness across Canada, students are provided many opportunities to participate in ministry as part of their training.

With a low student-to-faculty ratio, the CSBS&C affords students an excellent opportunity to interact with mentors and teachers. In addition to their doctoral degrees, professors have spent many years in ministry as pastors in North America, and as international missionaries in places like Croatia, Portugal, Hungary, Scotland, and South Africa.

Come and see what God might have on His heart for you at the Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary & College in Cochrane, Alberta.

Our beliefs and Statement of Faith is closely tied with the CNBC.

Advisory Council

James Teel initiated an Advisory Council for the school. This group, consisting of Canadians and Americans, has been a valuable friend of the seminary through prayer, promotion, fund-raising and fellowship. The group has fluctuated in membership through the years with an average size of 30.


Seminary trustees provide an important link between the seminary and churches in the Canadian Convention of Southern Baptists. Trustees are elected by messengers from the churches at annual meetings of the convention. They are elected for four one-year terms and have the responsibility for helping the school achieve its goals, policies and vision. Trustee boards consist of seven men and women. They meet twice annually and report directly to the national leadership board of the Canadian Convention of Southern Baptists. Six seminary graduates have served as trustees of the school.

Our History

Standing on a hill overlooking Cochrane, Alberta there is a statue of a cowboy on his horse. The statue is entitled “Men of Vision” and was erected in memory of those early pioneers who established the area as a ranching operation in the 1880s which continues to the present day.

On another hill overlooking Cochrane stands the Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary & College. Although without a statue, the seminary is a living testimony to the vision of pioneer Canadian Southern Baptists who desired to have a place to train their future pastors and church leaders.



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