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Dignity Health Global Education (DHGE) is the leading healthcare workforce development company. Dedicated to providing customized educational opportunities and a student-centric experience, we develop online programs and workforce development solutions with industry, for the industry. We achieve this goal by partnering with top-ranked academic institutions and thought-leading professionals.

What We Do

DHGE works with top-ranked academic institutions and thought-leading professionals to create industry-relevant qualifications in the form of online certificate and degree programs for the entire healthcare workforce.

Our programs meet the complete requirements of workforce development in the U.S. across multiple healthcare verticals including nursing, IT, analytics, leadership, ethics, and entrepreneurship. While we recognize the importance of clinical areas within healthcare, we also know that non-clinical areas such as administrative, technical, and managerial functions require just as much education and ongoing development to best serve the sector.

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Why We Do It

DHGE’s mission is simple: By utilizing world-class online education, we want to enhance careers, improve workforces and efficiencies, and ultimately help those working in the health space provide the highest possible quality of patient care.

Our Vision

We want to provide healthcare professionals with the tools they need to flourish in their profession and provide the highest standard of patient care.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide:

  • World-leading content: We have partnered with leading academic institutions to provide high-quality training and academic excellence.
  • Relevant qualifications: We adapt our learning content to specific organizational structures as well as to the professional needs of healthcare staff.
  • Accessible education: Our programs are accessible and flexible. They are available online from any device at any location.
  • Accreditation: We offer accredited programs that have been approved by regulators.
  • Inclusive options: We offer programs that address the evolving training and educational needs of a wide range of healthcare jobs and roles, be it clinical, administrative, or technological.
  • Comprehensive learning: We ensure that staff are well trained in their field and have an understanding of wider themes in the healthcare sector. This leads to better collaboration, encourages interdisciplinary expertise, and improves decision-making.
  • Affordable programs: Our qualifications are offered at competitive price points.
  • Industry-focused content for professionals to engage with, such as thought leadership pieces from industry leaders, guest lectures, live engagement, career discussions, Q&As, and others.
  • A full portfolio of courses that effectively connect higher education and practical features of the industry, ensuring academic and professional standards.

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Our Values

DHGE highlights, promotes and celebrates:

  • The sector and its importance to society today and in the future
  • The success of staff and students alike
  • Educational excellence and its lasting and positive impact
  • Academic achievement and impact
  • The positive outcomes of education, learning, and training to career goals and aspirations
  • The positive outcomes of education for patients and primary users
  • Pride in achievement, learning, and advancement
  • Equality
  • Accessibility
  • Communities, be it students, employees or society at large
  • Advancement of people, careers, and communities

Our teaching and learning approach

  • Designed for impact: Dignity Health Global Education (DHGE) aims to create relevant learning experiences that affect positive change in our learner’s lives and make an impact on their organizations.
  • Leveraging the best in technology and learning science: We deliver the most advanced cloud-based learning experiences in the industry to help you gain new knowledge, skills, and abilities quickly and effectively.
  • Made with people, for people: Our learning solutions are human-centered, just like healthcare is human-centered. We want to deliver our learning content in a way that’s beautiful and loved by our learners.
  • We value your time: We know that working in healthcare, you’re as busy as it gets. That’s why we want to ensure every minute spent learning with us is an effective use of your time.

Our learning experiences

In our programs, you’ll have access to:

  • Structured learning: We offer structured pathways built for busy learners, allowing you to get on the task immediately.
  • Engaging and interactive content: Our learning content includes expertly-produced engaging video and interactive content to ensure that you will never have a passive learning experience and are always actively engaged.
  • Accessible learning: In between meetings, on a commute, during your break — your learning can be accessed at any time on any device.
  • Real-world projects: We work with healthcare professionals to design hands-on, project-based learning activities centered on current workplace projects and challenges. Our approach enables you to take what you learn and make an immediate impact on your work, organization, and patients.
  • Expert guidance: With us, learning independently online doesn’t mean you’re learning alone. Our courses are facilitated by experts in the healthcare industry — including Presidents, CNOs, and other top-level executives — sharing their personal stories, insights, and knowledge.
  • Collaborative learning: Using our learning experiences, you will engage in online social interactions providing opportunities to exchange ideas, gain feedback, and network. We’ve even gamified it a bit to make it fun and engaging!
  • Friendly encouragement: We understand that you’re busy and life happens. When needed, we’ll give you a friendly nudge to get you back on track.
  • Digital credentials: We provide you with digital badges and certificates, issued from top-ranked, recognized institutions, that can be shared proudly on LinkedIn and other social platforms. They can be instantly verified by employers, allowing you to confidently showcase your skills.
  • Remarkable customer service: We’re here to help you get the most out of your learning experience with us.



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