EFMD Equis Accredited

Located in one of North America’s most vibrant and historic French-speaking cities, FSA ULaval is leading the way towards a new concept for business administration, as Québec’s unique position combines international flair with proximity to major centres of innovation.

Choosing to study at Canada’s oldest university means access to the world’s most elite certifications—including AACSB International and EQUIS—as well as a study program designed to meet the needs of full-time, part-time and professional students.

With world-class programs, nearly a hundred professors, and seasoned researchers, FSA ULaval brings performance, ethics and sustainable development together to move the business world forward. FSA ULaval makes it possible to study in a dynamic setting in the heart of an inspirational Francophone city and to round out your program with courses in English.

Our flexible approach gives students the opportunity to pursue their studies in the classroom, online and abroad, and take advantage of a wealth of cutting-edge public and private research partnerships.

FSA ULaval's large and experienced faculty will give you the skills to drive the expansion of ethical and sustainable businesses around the globe with courses taught in both French and English.

From the diversity, history, and dynamism of Québec City to new frontiers abroad, the world of business is yours to discover.

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