The Chinese Language Institute


CLI was founded by two brothers who have lived, worked, and studied in China for a combined 18 years. After recognizing China's growing importance in the world, they combined their talents to offer students a unique path to learning Chinese and understanding the PRC through immersion.

Since its inception, CLI has hosted hundreds of students from over 30 countries and several of the world’s top universities, including Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Columbia, and many more. CLI has been featured in The Washington Post, the China Daily, and educational journals across the country, and now occupies its own 5-story learning center in the beautiful southern city of Guilin. In 2012, Frommer’s travel guide recommended CLI as one of the top Chinese programs in China.

Guilin was chosen as the home of CLI for a multitude of reasons – it’s warm; it’s small and simple to navigate, with a population of just under one million; local residents are friendly and engaging; the local cuisine is excellent, and the list goes on. Perhaps the most important reason Guilin was chosen as CLI’s home is the beauty and cultural richness of the city. In China, Guilin has been famous for its natural beauty for over a thousand years. Arriving in Guilin feels like journeying into a traditional Chinese ink painting. It’s impossible to accurately describe Guilin’s otherworldly mountain landscape with words – its scenery is one which must be seen.



The Chinese Language Institute

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