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ADEN is an international educational network accredited by ACBSP, whose main activity is its School of Business, founded in 1992. It is focused on the professional development of executives and business managers, both modality as e-learning; and currently it has 26 offices spread across 17 countries in Latin America and Europe.

The headquarters is located in the Av.Abraham Licoln, one of the main avenues of the Ecuadorian capital, considered the economic capital of the country. It is a bustling city in the commercial area, with large estates and shopping centers; having a wide and varied economic activity.

Quito also is a very busy city in the commercial field, highlighting large and modern shopping malls, stores textiles, handicrafts and souvenirs, large chain supermarkets, hardware stores, pharmacies, etc. Economic activity is varied.

We understand that training today, it is a space between personal life and work life. That is why we have a clear objective: to bring a training experience in business that adds value in all dimensions.


As part of the educational proposal for our Allumni we have developed a series of international workshops to be held in the following cities: Miami, Panama and Bogota.

Globalization, competition and technology have blurred the boundaries of business. During the academic week, management tools that give harmony and synchronization between the different variables involved in the international concert business are provided.

theory and practice in geopolitical, commercial, financial processes is integrated, and humane management of intercultural teams. What should be expected of this course is the vision of the direction, that is, the political decision about management decisions and operational decisions.

The course will run from a dialogued exposure, with real examples and "live" from ideas, situations and planteos generated by students in real life, and connect with the concepts raised during the same course cases.

The aim is to achieve a forum for dialogue, networking and exchange of new trends in the business world.

The workshops are held in different cities and in different months:

Panama, July

Bogotá, month of September

Miami, month of October

Programs taught in: