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Founded in 1982 and located in the heart of the 20th district of Paris, Autograf, historical school in the areas of Graphic Design, Digital, Design Space and gaming, offers training validated or recognized status by degrees 'state. School human scale, each student receives individualized support by teachers and the teaching team.

Autograf enjoy light and spacious premises of 2000 square meters, including conventional classrooms, workshop rooms and computer rooms to accommodate its 400 students.

With over one hundred and fifty machines available, students work on Mac or PC software according to the study. Autograf features of the optical fiber, the wifi is available throughout the school.

Students regularly meet in the cafeteria, convivial area with microwave ovens and computer stations with free access to lunch, talk or work.

To print their work, students use printers and copiers self service. For larger sizes on different media types, they even have a professional tracer.

Professors Autograf, all professionals, work and teach in France and worldwide.

Autograf organizes trips, study tours, training courses, conferences and workshops in France and abroad (Japan, Canada, China, Mexico, Spain, ...). It is also possible for students to undertake part of their studies in another country.

The opening of a professional world

Since its inception Autograf maintaining close links with a wide network of business partners that enables it to offer extensive opportunities for internships and professional insertions to its students. Each student is followed and supported in its search business, offers made to him but also personalized assistance for the implementation of its research tools (resume, creative portfolio, preparation for interviews, etc.).

The Design courses

Autograf offers courses of one to five years, international preparatory classes (FLE FLE Art and Design) for foreign students, an upgrade in applied arts, BTS (state diploma), certified titles recognized by the state to the level I (RNCP) and International credentials:

  • Art FLE (French foreign language + Art)
  • Design FLE (French foreign language + Design)
  • Upgrading of Applied Arts (MANAA)
  • BTS Graphic Design Communication & Media print option
  • BTS option Graphic Design Digital Communication and Media
  • BTS Space Design
  • Bachelor Graphic Design
  • Digital Design Bachelor
  • Bachelor of Design Space
  • Bachelor Video Game Art
  • Bachelor Global Design Manager
  • Master of Art Director in Graphic Design
  • Master of Design in Digital Art Director
  • Master Designer Interior Designer
  • Master of Art Director in video game creation

The more Autograf : During the 3 years of MANAA and BTS, you post in parallel with the preparation of your state diploma BTS (BAC + 2), a Bachelor's degree (BAC + 3), which allows you to continue your studies in Master directly.


Jules PratArtistic Director at Extreme Muse and former student ofautograf.

"I went to Autograf BTS Graphic Design printed media in initial option, and the atmosphere was great throughout my schooling. I have a large design studio courses remember where we had a real awakening to the trade, we reviewed all we could do, our creativity was highly developed.

Once my BTS and unhooked my Bachelor I went on Master Art director in Graphic Design I wanted to get into work and thanks to the alternation, I found an interesting position, first in an agency specialized in operational marketing where I was running, and then in the second year within the Caffeine agency, where I was assistant artistic director.

After these experiences, I worked for W & Cie agency where I approached the world of photography. During those two years, I had the chance to work on the Amundi brand territory and thus directing photo shoots and commercials for a global campaign.

Today I am an art director in the agency Extreme Muse, I work for a luxury budgets such as Ulysse Nardin (Swiss watchmaker), Samsung, Nespresso, LVMH, Kering ... I make a work of ideas designer who goes looking for photographers and universe through the drafting of briefs and the direction of the shootings to the achievement of retouching and photo montages. "

Autograf - Open Door Day 2016

Video showing the exhibition of works of students in the last Autograf open houses.

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35 rue Saint Blaise
75020 Paris

Paris, Île-de-France, France
+33 1 43 70 00 22

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