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Ecole Centrale Marseille, a member of the Groupe des Ecoles Centrales, is located at the heart of the Technopôle Marseille Provence (Marseille-Provence Science and Technology Park).

Ecole Centrale-trained alumni, known as "Centraliens", go on to become leaders, equipped with a sound background in science and technology, with a facility for integrating and assimilating complex information, for creativity and innovation. Centraliens have a strong entrepreneurial streak, and a strong sense of ethics and awareness of their responsibilities; they work with dynamism and passion, and know how to explain, to communicate, to motivate and to lead.

To achieve this, Centrale Marseille delivers a course that combines high-level scientific education, firmly rooted in the worlds of industry and research, enriched with a strong international culture, with training in management, designed to develop and valorize the social and human aspects that are professional requirements for today’s engineer-manager. The school can count on the support of some 200 visiting lecturers, many of them from industry, and a permanent academic staff of 120 researchers who work in the dozen or so laboratories with which Centrale Marseille is associated. The interaction of these three aspects generates a real teaching – research – industry dynamic.

With the aim of enabling each student to fulfill the full potential of his talents, the school encourages and supports a wide range of extracurricular activities. The school benefits from an outstanding environment and students have the choice of a myriad of clubs and associations. By taking part in the work of these associations, by assuming responsibilities, by testing their spirit of autonomy, by developing their sense of initiative, by increasing their awareness of different cultures, students acquire additional assets that will better equip them for professional life.

Our school contributes fully to the dynamic that drives the Groupe des Ecoles Centrales, which includes the five Ecoles Centrale at Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, and Paris. Centrale Marseille students have the opportunity to take their third year in one or other of the Ecole Centrale, or in one of our partner universities abroad, either on a double degree or a credit exchange basis. Centraliens students thus have the opportunity to study for a double degree at top universities in Europe and elsewhere (including China, Japan, Brazil, Russia, USA).

This then is Ecole Centrale Marseille, firmly anchored TO a highly scientific and technological environment, to the entrepreneurial context through the role played in its management by representatives of industry and to the Groupe des Ecoles Centrale, which was the architect of its construction.

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Centrale Marseille

Specialized Masters are post diploma courses whose purpose is to offer either a specialization or a double competency. They provide unique knowledge for a specific positi ... [+]

Specialized Master Marine Engineering and Energies

Specialized Masters are post diploma courses whose purpose is to offer either a specialization or a double competency. They provide unique knowledge for a specific position or industrial sector inwhich companies have a real need.

Specialized Masters benefit from the strong ties between schools, their research laboratories, and industrial companies, relationships that ensure both rigor and technical expertise, skills in management and adequacy to companies’ needs in managers and executives.

As for their more conventional courses, Grandes Ecoles offer for Specialized Masters a flexible and adaptive education including work in small groups and high quality of teaching.... [-]

France Marseille
September 2019
12 - 12 months
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