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Who are we ?

With more than 20 years of experience in education, the ESI Business School is the School of Business of Sustainable Development, Social Impact and Digital that trains the managers responsible and committed tomorrow.

It offers a dual degree in management and sustainable development from the first to the fifth baccalaureate.

At ESI Business School , you will get quality training that will distinguish you from other graduates:

  • You will master the basics of business management: Management, Marketing, Economics, Corporate Finance, Communication
  • You will also have a specialization in the areas of environmental impact, social impact and digital: Green Marketing, Web Marketing, Collaborative Economy, Social Entrepreneurship, Crowdfunding ...

The world in which we live is strongly impacted by the themes of sustainable development that affects all sectors of the economy: the automobile (hybrid cars), the agri-food (organic food), the luxury industry and cosmetics ( natural and environmentally friendly products), real estate, transport ...

Faced with this change, the world of business needs Managers trained in issues related to the world of business and sustainable development!

The mission of the ESI Business School is to train the new generation of Managers, aware of new challenges and wanting to have a positive impact on society and the environment!

The values ​​of ESI Business School :

The mission of the ESI Business School continues on a daily basis around values-bases, which are the foundation of the identity and culture of the school. These values ​​are: Commitment, Creativity, Accountability and Openness.

  • Commitment: Accompany students as closely as possible in their personal project
  • Creativity: Put innovation at the heart of the educational project
  • Responsibility: Cultivate a sense of responsibility for social, ethical and environmental issues.
  • Opening of Spirit: Welcoming everyone with respect and listening to differences

The campus

A campus on the outskirts of Paris

Located at the gates of Paris, in the city of Boulogne Billancourt, the campus of the ESI Business School is a modern campus on a human scale.

The campus has an excellent geographical position, close to Roland Garros, and the Parc des Princes.

Students have the opportunity to benefit from all these advantages in order to enrich their culture during their free time.

Innovation, Modernity, Green:

  • Quality education and professionals from the workplace
  • An innovative program around management, sustainable development, social impact, digital ...
  • Responsible projects to train Committed Managers
  • A network of 200 companies and 10 international partner universities
  • A very lively community life: an ultra-dynamic BDE, unforgettable evenings ...

Why ESI Business School ?

Innovation at the heart of ESI Business School

Because innovation is at the heart of the world in which you live, the mission of ESI Business School is to train you in the professions of tomorrow by implementing a different method:

  • The ESI Business School is the first business school specializing in the management of sustainable development, social impact and digital with a tailored schedule and digital media.
  • The ESI Business School allows its students to effectively reconcile their personal development project with their studies.
  • The ESI Business School puts entrepreneurship at the heart of its pedagogy by providing students with an incubator to finance the most promising projects.

The Faculty Excellence of ESI Business School

  • Stakeholders from academic and professional circles from all over the world and speaking via video conference.
  • Permanent coaching, with company seminars, job forums and CV workshops organized exclusively for our students throughout the year.

State Recognized Training

  • Training recognized by the State, with several certifications and labels to ensure the quality of training offered and recognition by the State and the European Union.
  • A diploma issuing ECTS credits, targeted at the European Union level
  • French Laureate Master of the Eduniversal Innovation Award

An international school

More than 10 partner universities in Asia, America and Europe, internship offers abroad and a "100% Bilingual" objective

The strength of the professional network of ESI Business School

  • A network of more than 200 partner companies
  • A network of 15,000 students followed
  • A very high employability rate with more than 90% of students finding a job 2 months after graduation



87 rue du château
92100 Boulogne-Billancourt, France

Boulogne-Billancourt, Île-de-France, France

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