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Established in 1924, Lille Graduate School of Journalism (ESJ Lille) is one of the first professional schools of journalism training in Europe. She is the oldest of the 14 schools recognized by the profession in France.

The lighthouse graduate of the school, the oldest, valid two years of schooling for 60 students. The first year is Polymedia (radio, TV, newspapers, agency, web) and the second is specialized. The latter can be done by learning.

It is accessed by a selective competition to level +3. A specific event is organized for International Students. The competition is organized jointly withLille Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po Lille). This agreement allows students to receive at the end of their schooling two diplomas: the ESJ Lille (recognized profession) and that of the IEP of Lille (worth Grade 2 Master in Political Science).

The ESJ Lille has developed over the years, in addition to its history degree, other courses:

  • Since September 2014, the Academy ESJ Lille offers post ferry route. You enter on record (150 seats) with a minimum level of Bac. This "background Journalism ESJ Lille", unique in France, allows students graduates to follow an introductory training for careers in the press and contest preparation schools about 10 hours per week. For students in partner universities of Lille channels 1,2,3 follow this course can validate a third of the credits necessary to obtain his license year and the best start in school competition.
  • The regional weekly press die like a fifteen year students to regional weeklies. It is a professional license, there enters competition at +2.
  • Journalist and scientific sector (diploma level M2) form one year journalism students who already hold a master's or a Master 1 science and technology. It enters competition at +4.
  • The international master die in Media Management (Mi2M) (diploma level M2). We enter for subscribers with a Master 1, teaching is done remotely, on a training platform.
  • The prep equal opportunities accompanies young people selected on academic and social criteria in the preparation of entrance exams recognized journalism schools. The ESJ Lille supports all the training costs which are exempt students from this class.
  • TV-preparation allows candidates to journalism schools to prepare at best teaching is done remotely, on a training platform. It is entered on registration.

The school also develops many international activities. She regularly intervenes in many countries across Europe, Africa and Asia. She founded in 1994 on Theophrastus Network which brings together 20 French centers of journalism training.

The ESJ Lille strives to promote exchanges and reflection among journalists and researchers. It thus publishes in partnership with Laval University (Quebec), Les Cahiers journalism. The school also wants to exercise a laboratory function in the service of the profession and the media.

The school management association is composed of fifty members (information professionals, alumni, local authorities, representatives of regional higher education, regional businesses, political, cultural or economic). The board is chaired by Louis Dreyfus, CEO of Le Monde. The director is Pierre Savary (journalist, former student of the ESJ Lille, 65th promotion).

Programs taught in:
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ESJ Lille : École Supérieure de Journalisme

The ESJ Lille Diploma is the oldest graduate of the school. Today is a diploma recognized by the National Joint Committee for Employment of Journalists (CPNEJ) and the Mi ... [+]

The ESJ Lille Diploma is the oldest graduate of the school. Today it is a diploma recognized by theNational Joint Committee for Employment of Journalists (CPNEJ)and the Ministry of Higher Education as level "Master 2". It enters contest to +3 (180 ECTS).

The schooling lasts two years in continuous assessment. After two years, students receive a double degree (diploma and degree ESJ Lille IEP Lille).

Students 60 per class (including 10 international students) follow a general education in the first year and specialized in second. Through internships and collaborations with media companies, they leave school with a recognized know-how and the first milestones in the media.

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France Lille
September 2020
2 years
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Présentation de l'Ecole supérieure de journalisme de Lille (ESJ Lille)