HEIP, Hautes Etudes Internationales et Politiques


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Heip has a rich experience of over a century and a large network of alumni; faculty of exceptional quality is composed of lawyers, economists, geographers, demographers and renowned personalities from academia, diplomatic, military. Moreover, a network of international partners allows students to undertake part of their studies in a foreign university.

It enjoys a privileged setting with a modern campus in the heart of Paris, offering students a place to work.

To integrate HeipIs at once fit into a story, participate in an educational project and exciting research, and above all to build a professional future.

Integrating Heip school is at the same time be part of a story and participate in a project

Heip is an independent school, institution of free higher education Act 1875 and regulated by a 1901 law association.

Created in 1899, it has a rich experience, both intellectual and educational, for over a century

At the crossroads of several disciplines, study international relations and political demands to know everything at once history, law, political and social sciences, Economy ... On this basis, for more than a century of leading experts in each of these disciplines, but also actors of the political and international world, have decided to work together to pass their knowledge and their expertise to offer a unique training for students passionate political and international issues.

A faculty of exceptional quality

Since its inception, the faculty consists of academic activity or emeritus, historians, lawyers, political scientists, economists, geographers, demographers, literary but also renowned personalities from the diplomatic, political, military.

An important international network

A network of international partners, in constant evolution, allows students to undertake part of their studies in a foreign university. Every year students leave for a semester in major foreign public universities in Britain, Russia, Italy, Spain, Turkey ...

A school on a human scale

Student groups do not exceed forty students; language classes together students of all promotions; Teachers are there, open questions: Heip is not just a school, it's a meeting place, a place of project where he often classes are created in the student application where exchange partnerships are signed because a student would leave for a new destination, where, facing a burning issue, one special conference is organized so that we can inform, so that we can understand ...

A privileged

Heip enjoys a privileged setting, in Paris itself, in modern and spacious premises, offering students a great place to work with cafeteria, library, study room.



HEIP, Hautes Etudes Internationales et Politiques,
10 rue Sextius Michel

75015 Paris, Île-de-France, France

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