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There are two kinds of school, those who prepare for careers and those who forge destinies. The institute of studies of international relations is a place where not only exceptional career paths are emerging, it is especially the place where young people inflect the course of their life: in the ILERI , they choose to to become engaged citizens of the world.

The ILERI is a place where the values of humanism have flourished since 1948, and as such the Institute endows its graduates with the most valuable viaticum: the obsession of respect for others and the desire to attend to them to combine with them, to understand their culture, to build with them, to organize the world, to create wealth, to defeat hatred, fighting and wars. And then, of course, the ILERI must have the best academic level to provide the most reliable knowledge of those who will leave and take their part, in international institutions, in companies, in non-governmental organizations , in the course of the world. Its prestigious faculty is the undeniable guarantee of the quality of the school's teaching.

At the end of the day, the students of the ILERI quickly check a particularity of this house: we never leave it. It is worn in itself throughout his life as a woman and a man.115128_45956501_2135753859788656_7642633697501380608_n.jpg

18 points for excellence

To become a student at ILERI is to acquire the necessary skills to evolve in international circles.

Since 1948, ILERI training students in the functions of international organizations, NGOs, international companies, European institutions, the French civil service, diplomacy, local authorities, think tanks, journalism, lobbying firms, country risk consulting firms and international recruitment firms.

This comprehensive, balanced curriculum gives students a solid and sustainable education.

A unique school

Selection at the entrance: ILERI is a human-sized school composed of brilliant, curious, passionate and committed students, supervised by a reference teacher per year.

Demanding and Comprehensive Program: International Law, Political Science, Geopolitics, International Economics, Three Foreign Languages. Courses in French and English.

Faculty: made up of academics and recognized professionals, dedicated and attached to the ILERI .

Transversal projects of application and general culture: development of the critical spirit, accent on the research and culture of the debate, through projects of groups.

Extremely rich and active community life with more than ten associations: defense, humanitarian, climate, debate, UN simulation, UNICEF, Trust Africa, BDE, Asia, etc.

General culture: Optional thematic seminars, mapping workshop, cultural visits.

Conferences: weekly, open to the public with IR specialists and webcast.

Alternation in Master 2: apprenticeship contract, professionalization contract or alternating internship.

Establishment recognized by the State: Crous scholarships and merit scholarships of the ILERI .

Internships in France and abroad: preparation for employment throughout the course of schooling followed by a counselor and support of the internship service.

Erasmus Charter: nearly 30 prestigious international exchanges chosen in the field of International Relations.

Network of 9000 old: regular testimonials, dedicated platform access, directory, internships, jobs.

Resource Center: more than 1600 books, specialized journals, access to the CAIRN documentary database in master's degree and support of dedicated documentalists.

A history and values: claimed and passed down through the generations by the students of the ILERI .

Three compulsory foreign languages: from a choice of 11 languages taught and elearning platform.

Prestigious partnerships: MAE, DRM, DGSI, CESA, CESM, etc.

Master's degree diplomas: international security and defense, economic intelligence or RNCP title level 1: international cooperation from overseas.

Professional integration: 50% at six months, 80% at one year, with a first annual average salary of 30K €.



Jardins Boieldieu,20bis
92071 Puteaux, Île-de-France, France

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