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Integrating a member institution IONIS Education Group is to join the first group of private higher education in France.

This is a benefit that goes beyond the structural realities, it is a state of mind shared around a common vision and strong values:

The importance given to human and acquisitions practices, not only in the assimilation of knowledge, because a school is also a place to consolidate his personality. The overriding emphasis placed on learning the modifications to the analysis of changes to master new situations. The permanent opening at the International, the business dynamics, innovation and creativity, sense of initiative and entrepreneurship.

The IONIS Group embodies a current teaching, because he listens worlds and transformations that surround it. Better understand the families, students, youth and better integrate developments in our societies, appears as a duty IONIS Education Group needs to exercise to stay still relevant and efficient.

A single network

Created 35 years ago by Marc Sellam, IONIS Education Group is now the largest group of private higher education in France. Twenty schools and entities * gather in 12 cities in France over 23,500 business students, marketing and communication, management, IT, aeronautics, energy, transport, biology and creation ...

The Group has given IONIS aims to train New Intelligence for Enterprise. A strong opening at the International, a high sensitivity to innovation and entrepreneurship, a genuine "culture of adaptability and change," these are the main values ​​taught to future graduates of the group's schools . They will thus become key players in the economy of tomorrow, joining alumni networks of our institutions, which together exceed 65,000 members.

The synergy between the schools is reinforced by the deployment of a digital network by optical fiber, unique in higher education in France: IONIS Digital System (Internet 1.5Gbps, 1Gbps fiber link between sites).

Great sensitivity to innovation, a predilection for entrepreneurship, a genuine "culture of adaptability and change" are the main values ​​taught to future graduates of schools of IONIS Education Group, to those who will become key players in the economy and the world of tomorrow.

These are the pillars of his vocation form New Intelligence for Enterprise.

Facts and Figures

1 digital campus in France dedicated to ICT and the Internet. Nearly 6,000 students. A site open 7/7, 24h / 24 to help students live their projects at their own pace. A single cluster bringing together schools of engineering and digital expertise, research laboratories, incubators and startups. 4 schools: EPITA, Epitech, Web @ cademie, Ionis School of Technology & Management meltyNetwork, start-up founded by Alexander Malsh (Epitech Promo 2009), Vice President of Digital National Council. Incubators: Creative Valley, partnership and Epitech Push'Pull and StartUp42 EPITA by the start-up accelerator. Ten applied research laboratories and fundamental in all areas of digital and computer. Over 60 student associations involved in many fields: sports, games, Japanese animation, culture, research, entrepreneurship, robotics, photo, video ... A unique equipment in France IONIS Digital System: a 1Gbps fiber owner with 1.5 Gbps of bandwidth that connects 12 cities in France where IONIS Education Group operates.

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