About Kalinga

The Kalinga University, a premier institution of teaching and research in the country, is established under Chhattisgarh Private Universities (Establishment and Operations) Act 2005 and under section 2 (f) of UGC Act 1956.

Your academic studies will be challenging. We offer the highest quality academic experience and expect you to excel with Emphasis on Originality. Our outstanding and responsive support services will be actively available to you right from the start of the transition to University life until the end of your degree.

Our academic standards are high. Our glorious leafy campus, which is, arguably, unparalleled in the country, provides a backdrop to your day to day life and study. The programs of the University focus on building depth of understanding, capacity for interdisciplinary learning and research, analytical skills, critical thinking and communication in an atmosphere of academic freedom and integrity.


The primary purpose of Kalinga University is to provide a learning environment in which faculty, staff and students can discover, examine critically, preserve and transmit the knowledge, wisdom and values that will ensure the survival of future generations and improve the quality of life for all. The University seeks to help students to develop an understanding and appreciation for the complex cultural and physical worlds in which they live and to realize their highest potential of intellectual, physical and human development.


Kalinga University aims to be an outstanding institution for Talent Development and Knowledge Creation for a vibrant and inclusive society.

Why Kalinga University?


  • Sprawling 35 Acres wi-fi campus
  • Well equipped IT, Engineering, Science, Computer Science labs
  • Well Stocked Library
  • Multimedia Class Rooms
  • Spacious Parking space
  • Hostel
  • Separate Common rooms for Girls and Boys

Student Facilities

  • Canteen
  • Indoors and Outdoor Games
  • Web and Mobile enabled academic information
  • University Transport

Beyond the Classroom

Towards Holistic Growth - Going to University isn't just about getting a degree. It's about trying new things and learning new skills as well.

KU believes in the overall growth of its students. It offers innumerable extracurricular facilities and provides varied platforms for students to learn, practice, amuse, enjoy, perform, compete and fruitfully utilize their time. At Kalinga learning is a conversation, not simply a lecture. Your University experience involves so much more than your degree.

We offer lots of opportunities to develop skills and embrace new experiences and challenges outside your course. Students can get involved in groups, societies and volunteering activities to have fun, achieve something and make a difference. There are also additional benefits to joining groups and volunteering, many of which can enhance your CV. Experiences that complement your academic study will add value to your academic achievements, boost your chances of employment and develop skills that will be useful throughout your life.

Advantage Kalinga

Living and learning are intimately intertwined at Kalinga. Co-curricular activities, performances, conferences, workshops, seminars, sports events are part and parcel of students’ lives. We provide students with unparalleled freedom to cross departmental boundaries and discover intellectual and personal passion. Creative thinking, problem-solving and research are central to academic programs.

We work collaboratively to ensure that every student has the best possible education and we take continuous initiatives and provide resources which enrich students academic experiences at Kalinga, advancing diversity, preparing leaders and positioning Kalinga at the forefront of innovation in University education.

We push the boundaries of knowledge

  • We shape future: We offer lots of opportunities to develop skills and embrace new experiences and challenges outside your course to make you ready for the Industry. You will receive an outstanding learning experience here.
  • We offer the finest teaching: Lectures are where you will listen to experts sharing their knowledge and discoveries in challenging and thought-provoking ways. As a KU student, you will be part of the academic elite and will learn from leading experts. Your studies will be challenging and inspirational. Our faculties make sure that learning is a conversation, not simply a lecture.
  • We provide opportunities for the best minds: We welcome students from a wide variety of social and cultural backgrounds and believe in promoting original thinkers, nurturing and stimulating inquisitive minds to create students with innovative ideas, perspectives and approaches.
Programs taught in:
  • English

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Kalinga University

Specialization of M. Sc.: Maths, Chemistry, Zoology, Physics, Botany ... [+]

Kalinga University has been conceptualized as a centre for academic excellence. The 30 acres wi-fi campus has been carefully designed to conform to world standards. The Academic Block is fully airconditioned and comprises of office spaces for faculty members, computer labs, regular classrooms with the latest audio-visual facilities and a well-equipped auditorium. The Students' Residential Blocks accommodate students and ensure that the students have world-class facilities from the spacious rooms provided with internet connectivity, recreational and reading rooms. The dining halls provide a range of hygienically prepared health cuisines to meet the demands of the students. Totally pollution free, the campus boasts of tree-lined walkways, spacious lawns, and playing fields etc. The University provides an ambience perfectly conducive to teaching, learning and research. The world-class infrastructure includes a modern auditorium, a well-stocked library, and computer centre functioning round-the-clock, executive dining hall/mess, canteen, banking and postal services.... [-]

India Naya Raipur
July 2020
2 years
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