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Who we are

The MELIUSform Business School, thanks to the experience in the training of its members and its staff, which dates back to 1996 , brings a unique know-how in the market of professional and managerial training, with the aim of favoring the dissemination of the culture of company among those who intend to invest in their professional growth and wish to develop skills in line with the needs and demands of a constantly evolving labor market.

From its origins the Business School has distinguished itself by being a 'pioneer' in the introduction of solutions and new technologies that would have radically changed the way of training .128656_rsz_icons8-team-m0oste_mjsi-unsplash.jpg

Among the most important innovative solutions must surely be remembered:

  1. the weekend formula , to allow even those who worked to attend the Executive Masters;
  2. the introduction of video lessons as a means of recovering any absences in the classroom. Already developed in 2004 with audio-video streaming technology, accompanied by effective animated slides and enriched with a series of additional services and features such as: bibliography, printing and tests; all in an extremely functional and attractive interface;
  3. the creation of an e-learning platform (from 2005) that allows, to whom - for various reasons - cannot be physically present in the classroom training, to use the same programs and the same lessons in asynchronous mode (on demand), that is, in the ways and times that he prefers, directly on his computer;
  4. the organization of one of the first meetings between young people and companies, the Recruitment Day. Through this event the Business School has had the opportunity to consolidate, at the national level, its vocation to social commitment and attention to the themes of 'work' . The event, which has always had a great resonance among the media, recorded an average attendance of over 20,000 appearances per edition;
  5. the introduction of Software MIDItools (the first experimentation dates back to 2001), which was the first example of how software could support teaching and at the same time also constitute a valid operational tool appreciated by the classroom (especially by professionals and managers )

and numerous other initiatives that have characterized our training offer for years.

We anticipate the customer's time and needs

Even today MELIUSform intends to stand out for its ability to anticipate the times and needs of its customers by proposing, new solutions and services that often constitute turning points to differentiate themselves from the flattening of the current training market, in particular:

  • A new e-Learning platform that uses all the technological innovations applicable to the internet, (HTML5) with an innovative graphic and functional videoplayer present in the new masters and online courses, usable and available on all mobile devices and on PC
  • A new " focus section ", practical, practical and experiential, which absorbs an increasingly significant part (with respect to the "overview" theory) in our teaching method; in particular:
  1. for the Masters and courses in the Finance area
  2. for the masters and courses in the HR area, a simulated cycle that enables the participants to manage independently a selection process and the design of the training ;
  3. for the Masters and courses in the Tax area128660_rsz_anete-lusina--4wi_ii6sty-unsplash.jpg

A renewed placement service

  1. administration and return of an employment personality questionnaire ;
  2. classroom workshop;
  3. tutoring in the effective drafting of your CV, in optimizing your online visibility and in managing selection interviews;
  4. creation of their own professional video curriculum: VCM - Meliusform Video Curriculum (For more details see the preview of the VCM - Video Curriculum Meliusform);
  5. support for the conveyance of profiles to companies (For more details see the pages Placement and Career Service).
  • A renewed method of detecting the evaluations of our training services, because the satisfaction of our faculty (faculty) and the quality of the didactic contents proposed in the classroom (material, exercise, case study, etc.) constitutes a " must " for us.

In addition, all the programs of our training courses are constantly updated and revised, with the aim of facilitating the acquisition of skills immediately usable in the labor market , increasingly in continuous and fast evolution, and proposed according to calendars that allow (even to those who already working) to attend lessons easily and to complete the training course in a short time , with a very high quality and at costs that are unrivaled in the market of managerial and professional training.

Finally it is necessary to remember how the Business School has always been characterized by

  • its independence and entrepreneurship
  • the quality of the training offer
  • constant updating and innovation
  • the avant-garde in teaching methodology
  • the link with the world of work
  • the value , ethics and professionalism of the entire staff and teaching staff
  • the constant search for excellence in services and customer satisfaction

constant points of reference for those seeking a master course with a high added value.



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