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Uninform Group, a renowned and accredited National Business School that has been working for over 20 years in the field of Higher Education and Innovation in Educational Processes, works with recognized authority by delivering prestigious postgraduate degrees in Tourism, Quality, Safety, Environment and Energy in both its offices in Rome and Milan.


  • UNINFORM is a training institute with 20 years of experience.
  • UNINFORM is accredited to the Lazio Region for Vocational Training, Continuing Education, Basic Guidance Services, Specialist Guidance Services, Accompanying Services and Supporting Work - Determine No. D1558 / 09.
  • UNINFORM has achieved the ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Certification for the design and delivery of Higher Professional Training Services. Certificate No. 184076 Bureau Veritas.
  • UNINFORM is accredited EBAFOS - Bilateral Training and Security Agency for Training Courses under the State Region Agreements.
  • UNINFORM is a member of ASFOR - the Italian Association for Management Training.

As a multidisciplinary structure operating since 1996, the Uninform Group offering is officially accredited to the Lazio Region for Higher Education and is also certified by Bureau Veritas under UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008. Thanks to the consolidated and extensive wealth of experience, professionalism and knowledge gained over the last 19 years both in training and consulting, Uninform Group offers qualified services of:

  • University School and Business School
  • Information Technology & Technology Transfer
  • Business and Legal Consulting

Each of these services is aimed at the development and consolidation of managerial skills and specialized professional skills that can greatly increase both the competitiveness of the individual and the company as a whole (cf. references). The Corporate structure of the Uninform Group consists of the following legal entities: Uninform Group: School of Management and Entrepreneurship Training Formation & Development: Legal Consulting Company Legal Consulting Company Giordano & Partners: Legal, Commercial and Financial Consulting High Tech Forum: Consortium for Accademy High School Innovation and Technology Transfer: University Study Center

High formation

As a Management and Entrepreneurial Training School, Uninform Group is committed to the enhancement of human capital aimed at the development of a modern managerial culture through the implementation of highly qualified Master and Executive Master ...

Management Consulting

Uninform Group employs a wide network of Associate Professionals carefully selected from managerial and academic backgrounds through the highest quality and highest professional competence criteria; a team of people, dedicated not only to strategic and organizational advice but also to the success of Italian companies characterized by a strong international vocation ...

Legal Services

In this area, the Uninform Group directly intervenes with specialized Professionals registered in the relevant Albi of the Order and assists the companies in all phases of the Contract, the Company Acquisitions, the Company Engineering, the Constitution, the Management of Company and Trust, Patronage in International Disputes and Arbitrators and much more ...

HTFORUM - High Tech Forum

Uninform Group proposes itself as a true driver of change for all those companies that focus on technological innovation as a means of improving and optimizing their productive dynamics. We provide, in fact, a wealth of information, data and studies specifically targeted at the state of the art of the most modern and innovative technologies ...

University Education

Uninform Group has valued the professional experience of teachers from universities, research institutes and specialized schools to offer a Global Service Orientation and Assistance to University Preparation. The teachers are scrupulously selected and chosen on the basis of their personal and educational background, the experience gained in the field and, last but not least, the ability to interpret and meet all the needs of assistance and learning of the "new faculties" of the university ...

To whom we turn

  • Enterprises (Public and Private) that need to address and evaluate all aspects and implications of a program and to define in real time the "objectives" in order to overcome the typical vulnerabilities of specialized interventions; who want to introduce and / or consolidate advanced cultures and technologies to manage their functionality.
  • Private: Graduates, Graduates, Consultants, Business Teams, Executives.



Corso Trieste, 155
00198 Rome, Lazio, Italy


Milan, Lombardy, Italy

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