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Health Matters. For patients and populations. It’s this knowledge that guides us as we prepare our students for international careers as researchers, executives or advisors. Whatever their field – clinical medicine, drug research, public health or health-policy development – our graduates all serve one overarching interest: people’s health.


At the heart of this philosophy is our three Master of Science (MSc) programmes. Two of these are intended for holders of a Bachelor’s degree: the MSc in the Health Sciences (a two-year full-time programme that offers specialisations in Epidemiology, Clinical Epidemiology, Genetic Epidemiology, and Public Health) and the MSc in Clinical Research. The third programme is intended for Master’s graduates and health professionals at postgraduate level. This is the MSc in Health Sciences, which is offered as a one-year full-time programme or a two-year part-time programme.


Each of these three programmes combines theoretical and practical research training in medicine and the health sciences. The programmes start every August with the Erasmus Summer Programme. This three-week, 30-course portfolio of state-of-the-art biomedical topics is designed to fully satisfy the needs of international students and professionals with a specific interest – such as clinical medicine, general practice, public health, epidemiology, genetics or biostatistics.

Because the Summer Programme focuses on key principles and methods of quantitative medical research, it is open not only to participants in the MSc programmes but to all students and health professionals. If you’re not enrolled in a degree programme but wish to gain essential updates in a range of applied medical and healthcare disciplines, you can thus compile your own personal training plan – another important facet of the NIHES philosophy. As an independent student, you’re also welcome to enrol in any part of our regular autumn curriculum.


All these activities and options are extended in the Erasmus Winter Programme, which focuses on the basics common to all research in clinical medicine. Dedicated to the principles and methods of clinical research, it is intended particularly for those interested in clinical trials, drug-safety research and decision-making in clinical medicine. It also includes various courses in genetics and biostatistics.


Do you want to add an international dimension to your career as a researcher? To combine research and clinical work? Or are you seeking to maximize your chances of qualifying for a PhD research project through a Doctor of Science (DSc) programme? Our research training is designed to help you do them all.

At NIHES, we’re continuously expanding our network of partner universities around the globe. We collaborate with leading universities within EU-funded Master’s courses, joint doctorate programmes, and mobility schemes. So whatever your ambition – whether you intend to work as a scientist in academia, the public sector or industry – we’ll provide you with the knowledge and expertise you need.

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Erasmus MC Netherlands Institute for Health Sciences - Erasmus University Rotterdam

Just graduated with a Bachelor Degree in clinical, public health or biomedical sciences and want to start making substantial contributions to future developments in medic ... [+]

The Research Master programme in Health Sciences aims to provide students with a thorough understanding of methods in either clinical or public health research. Specializations include clinical epidemiology, epidemiology, public health epidemiology, genetic and molecular epidemiology, and health economic analysis. After completion, candidates will have the knowledge, understanding and skills to propose state-of-the-art studies, write excellent study protocols, perform the research, analyze the data using modern statistical techniques, make defensible causal inferences, come to justified conclusions, and write outstanding research papers. Depending on the choice of specialization, the candidate will focus on for example clinical trials, population studies, public health interventions, or modelling studies.... [-]

Netherlands Rotterdam
August 2019
2 years
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Erasmus MC
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