Bodø Graduate School of Business (HHB)


Bodø Graduate School of Business (HHB) was founded in 1985. Since then more than 2,000 students have graduated from our four-year business program - "Siviløkonom" - and we currently have 1,000 students enrolled in the business school.

The academic achievements of our professors are among the best in Norway. HHB is at the forefront of many fields including innovation, ecological economics, and ethics.

HHB admits approximately 400 students each year to our business and information technology programs. The size of the student body allows for genuine camaraderie among peers. Additionally, there is several student organizations and events available year round. Another exceptional characteristic of HHB is the relatively small class sizes which provide opportunities for one-on-one time with professors.



N-8049 Bodø, Nordland, Norway

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