St. Petersburg Academic University of the Russian Academy Of Sciences


The Higher Education Centre of the Academic University is the one and only higher educational institution affiliated to the Russian Academy of Sciences. The Higher Education Centre is aimed at training MSc and PhDs and providing continuing professional education and advanced training.

The Academic University has the state license to conduct an educational activity (#0724, February 17, 2011) in the following Master programs:

Applied mathematics and physics (Mathematical and Informational Technologies department):

  • Theoretical Computer Science;
  • Software Engineering;
  • Algorithmic Bioinformatics.

Physics (Theoretical Physics department):

  • Theoretical and Mathematical Physics.

Applied Physics

Electronics and Microelectronics (Physics and Technology of Nanostructures department):

  • Physics of Low-dimensional State.

The Academic University provides postgraduate studies in the following fields:

  • Astrophysics and Stellar Astronomy
  • Devices and Methods of the Experimental Physics
  • Physics of Condensed Matter
  • Physics of Semiconductors
  • Physics of Atomic Nucleus and Elementary Particles
  • Philosophy of Science and Technology

The Academic University is situated at Khlopin str. 8/3, St Petersburg, Russia. The classrooms and laboratories of the Academic University are nicely equipped. At the Academic University, there are also computer classes, a conference hall, a hall for theatre performances, a library, a canteen, a first-aid post, a hotel complex and a sports complex, which includes an indoor swimming pool, an indoor tennis court, and a gym. Students and staff of the Academic University can use the services of the St. Petersburg Clinical Hospital of the RAS. The dormitory of the Academic University is situated at Maurice Toreza Ave. 37/2.


Saint Petersburg

St. Petersburg Academic University of the Russian Academy Of Sciences
Khlopin str. 8/3.

Saint Petersburg, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia

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