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Megatrend University, an academic family compound with 12 faculties and one institute, this year as well is opening wide its door for secondary-school graduates and offering entrance into the world of education conducted according to the latest pedagogical standards. The forms of teaching – lectures, practical works, workshops, simulations, evaluation and knowledge assessment – are adjusted to the sensibility, rhythm, needs and abilities of young people who are eager to learn something new.

There are plenty of reasons why you are going easily to decide to study at Megatrend. Firstly, it is because of extraordinary study programs at our Faculties, carefully created to meet the highest study standards, excellent teaching staff, the most beautiful modern building, where all student activities are carried out, and finally – because of outstanding international cooperation established from America to Japan, and from Scandinavia to South Africa.

Studying at Megatrend also implies quite rich social life, since we organize and support a lot of top cultural, artistic and sports events in the country.

The value of professionals educated at this University and the quality of knowledge that leaves our classrooms have been recognized in the labor market. Megatrend University graduates relatively easily find jobs, and some of them have very responsible jobs in economic, financial, cultural, media, security, and other public companies, organizations, and bodies in Serbia and worldwide. It is best seen from geographically dispersed alumni, the association that helps students stay connected with their University even after graduation.

Our former students gather together under the slogan:




Maršala Tolbuhina,8
Belgrade, City of Belgrade, Serbia

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