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First Media Professional Learning Centre has been providing professional training in a wide range of computer courses for web, graphic, multimedia development and Fashion Design.

As part of the First Media Group of companies, First Media Professional Learning Centre is also affiliated with First Media Design School, a reputed private boutique Design School with branches in both Singapore and Jakarta. FMPLC is headed by award-winning local design practitioner, Mark Phooi, who was the first design entrepreneur ever to have won the prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Designers, educational officers, school students, corporate professionals, as well as, individuals who are keen to explore their interest in the field of Multimedia, have all benefitted from our innovative and up-to-date software training by our dedicated and experienced trainers.

We believe in nurturing one’s creativity in an innovative and enjoyable way, while also ensuring that our courses are constantly kept abreast with developments in the ever-changing creative industries.

Whether you are an experienced working professional looking to upgrade your skills, someone who is interested in getting a head start into a creative career or an individual who would simply like to gain an insight into Fashion Design techniques or a practical knowledge of the various design software available, FMPLC offers courses that will definitely meet your needs.


We provide professional training for various types of graphic/multimedia software & Fashion Design techniques. We are constantly upgrading and improving our media tools and software applications to provide the most up-to-date industry expertise for our learners. In addition, we also conduct on-location training for teachers and students from various educational institutions in Singapore.



First Media Professional Learning Centre
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