Barcelona Executive Business School (BEBS)


BEBS is an executive business school with international experience in business management and training. BEBS has been at the forefront of executive education, inspiring, challenging and contributing to the development of current and future leaders of many countries and sectors.

BEBS is an innovative institution, making a positive, comprehensive and consistent impact on people, businesses, and society.

The success of BEBS is based on an academic approach, with a strong focus on professional and humanistic approach to Business and Leadership: during any of our Programs our professors and executive professionals bring reflection, dialogue, critical analysis, projects and initiatives to ensure excellent education, consequently generating a valuable contribution to business and social transformation.

BEBS’s Mission is empowering people around the world so they can become highly competent professionals and fully understand their role in the company and society. Our Business School has a firm commitment to intellectual rigor and academic excellence, and a clear focus on people – on their personal and professional development.

What makes BEBS different?

  • BEBS “Barcelona Executive Business School” is a business school created by executives for executives. We want you to learn by doing and not just academically.
  • BEBS offers Masters with double accreditation.
  • Our teachers are a group of executives and managers with great careers in the business world.
  • Our model is based on what businesses need today. Not on old patterns that no longer fit in our current business system.
  • In BEBS we seek not only that you learned, but that you put into practice what you learned, through an educational, creative and disruptive approach.

What do BEBS students receive?

· Education focused on international business and driven by innovation

· Empowerment for creating your own company

· A strategic vision of leadership that inspires innovative and sustainable business models

· A sense of social responsibility, which comes with professional competence and committed leadership

· Excellent networking opportunities through professors, study visits, and internships

· Current and up to date practical knowledge

· A study environment that is business oriented with a highly humanistic approach



23, Carrer de Torroella de Montgrí, 08027 Barcelona
08027 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

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