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Why ESCO E-Universitas ?


6 Reasons to train with us:

  1. You learn in a Specialist School in Applied Neuroscience.
  2. Online courses, but with total and permanent connection with your personal tutor and teachers.
  3. You study at your own pace, without obligation of schedules or place.
  4. You learn dynamically and pleasantly. A memorable experience!
  5. You share with colleagues from all over the world.
  6. You have the best teachers.

Applied Neuroscience Specialists

1st Spanish-speaking school specialized in Neuroscience applied to Organizations.

We teach masters and courses in Marketing, Management, Communication and Human Resources , from the perspective of applied Neuroscience .

There are numerous graduates who currently carry out their work with greater knowledge and accuracy in decision making in these fields. Their unique and memorable study experience has allowed them in an important professional leap in their careers . This is evidenced by his testimonies and the numerous interventions during his career, after obtaining his degree.

Neuroscience in recent years has evolved rapidly in the hands of technology, and at the same time, it is being applied more and more successfully in organizations in management, leadership and communication activities.

Studying the brain environment, introducing applied neuroscience in organizations and between managers and staff, is already a necessity and a clear convenience .

We have an excellent team of teachers from several countries, specialists in applied neuroscience, which allows us to advance in practical knowledge in real application environments , this variable being one of the most appreciated by our students.

Online, but very close to you

Being always very close to you is our hallmark. That's why you have a Personal Coach that stimulates your study and follows with you the evolution of your learning in a continuous and immediate way, for everything you need. Your caoch is always available through e-mail, telephone, Skype and Whatsapp.

So teachers are always at your disposal, answering your questions in less than 48 hours .

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Train at your own pace

Make your work, other studies or your family and social life compatible with a 100% online training that allows you total flexibility of schedules and place .

For greater flexibility you still have the classes live, but they are recorded so you can see them as many times as you want.

Academic excellence that prestige your study

Our teachers are recognized experts with extensive teaching and professional experience , which not only convey fundamentals and theory, but mainly cases, experiences and "know-how."


We add more than 20 years providing quality training both face-to-face and Online.

More than 10,000 students can testify to the quality of the training received.

Our students are from Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Dominican, Spain, Ecuador, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, etc.

Learn in a fun, dynamic and practical way

Continuous dynamization, forums, debates and the best multimedia tools make you enjoy studying with a fun, dynamic and practical method of study .

Develop your network of contacts

Our online training is designed so that you have permanent contact with students and professionals from anywhere in the world , thus gaining knowledge and expanding your professional horizon.

We also have collaboration agreements, which are extended day by day, with companies and professionals from various Spanish-speaking countries.

Study what the current labor market demands most

Training proposals product of the real needs of the market, but which in turn present a unique approach, giving added professional value .



Calle San Antón nº73
18005 Granada, Andalusia, Spain

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