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Meet the School of Design of Barcelona

We train professionals to become the engine of change that allows them to transform the environment and generate new spaces, developing creativity and innovation.

Why study at ESDESIGN?

The Barcelona School of Design (ESDESIGN) is an institution created with the aim of responding to the need for training of design professionals, with the ability to anticipate trends, analyze emerging social situations and needs and provide the most innovative solutions .


To be the online design school of international reference, offering the best quality at the forefront of design and online training.


To train professionals, to turn them into an engine of change that allows them to transform the environment, and generators of new spaces, developing creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and design quality.

Our values


Cradle of design, the Barcelona brand is a world leader in design and innovation, favoring internationalization and the attraction of talent and investment. It has become one of the engines of the economy of knowledge and innovation.

100% online and flexible methodology

This didactic proposal is the result of the combination of work on the part of the students both on a practical and theoretical level, based on social learning and the active participation of students with their opinions and previous experiences on the different subjects.

The curricula have been designed so that students can develop their skills, knowledge and skills of each program in question.

A learning experience capable of responding to this changing world, as well as the demands of the current market and company from a perspective of innovation and continuous improvement.

We adapt the contents practically in real time

Everything that happens affects the direction in which things move. There is practically no time to publish it in a book. Everything affects everything, for this the contents of today will undoubtedly be different from those within a year.

First-hand experiences

The teachers of the different modules are the main actors of the change, and not mere spectators. They are part of those who expand the limits, explore new paths and build relationships between brands and consumers in a consistent and lasting way over time.

100% active teachers

It not only gives us the relevance of the contents of the modules, it also allows us to live and share with them the brakes and the opportunities that constantly appear in the market.

The diversity of value and internationalization

In a world such as creativity, having different points of view on the same issue is not only necessary, but also enriching. We share experiences with people from different countries, cultures and realities, which will enhance the results obtained as never before.

Living with the sensation of vertigo

Something with which one must learn to live from the first day. Changing environments, emerging technologies, social revolutions; Nothing is permanent and you have to learn to work in this way.

Professional orientation

All the programs have among their objectives to improve the professional situation of those who already work and to promote the labor insertion of their students. To promote this aspect, in addition to having a teaching team that will help guide students in the current reality of the labor market, a material will be generated that will allow them to create a digital portfolio that will help them position themselves.

Encourage the entrepreneurial character and give knowledge of business management

The design process and the communication with the companies will be approached from the point of view of management, at a conceptual and practical level. From the contact with the company to the exit of the product to the market, the student will be guided by the different phases of the project, the legal nuances and the economic conditions. By being familiar with the project steps, the student will have the ability to manage time and resources.


The student will be released to look for his identity within the world of design. We will teach you to look at the environment in a different way, to analyze, to look for inspiration in any place (probably anywhere except in the same design world). We will motivate you to look at the world of art, in nature, in the most everyday gestures ..., to get inspiration and new ideas.

Proximity and constant support

The student will be accompanied at all times, both by teachers to resolve any questions that arise in the modules, and by the Program Director, who ensures its quality. They will also have the figure of the Program Manager, who will carry out an exhaustive follow-up to get the most out of the programs.


Each program has specialized software that will provide the student with the skills and abilities he will need both to perform the program's practices and in his work environment. We will bet on emerging software to prepare them for the tools of the future.

Double Degree

Own Title of the School of Design of Barcelona and Own Title of the International University of Valencia, which will accredit them as professionals in the specialty studied.

100% online and flexible methodology

ESDESIGN's masters stand out for being 100% online and totally flexible, as well as having a clear international vocation . This didactic proposal is based on learning according to the constructivist model and collaborative work with teaching through videoconference in real time and with delayed communication spaces.

In ESDESIGN you will have a learning experience adapted to the demands of the market and the current company , since the programs have been designed by a group of experts in the field of design , aware of the present and future needs of the environment, and specifically of companies and organizations.

Below, we summarize the advantages of studying with us:

Connect whenever you want and where you want

The virtual campus is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It puts at your disposal all the resources you will need to follow up on the subjects: manuals, specialized software, articles, practices, prototypes and models, videoconferences and social networks.

In addition, you will access these materials and resources whenever and wherever you want: thanks to the Blackboard technology that incorporates our virtual campus, you can connect from any device, eliminating the geographical and time limitations in your learning.

Custom tracking

Each subject has two indispensable figures to improve and enrich your learning experience to the maximum: a Program Director and a Professor , who will provide you with all the indications to carry out the activities of the continuous evaluation and receive the corrections and comments. In addition, you can go to your teacher to solve all your academic doubts.

You will also have the figure of the Program Manager , who will ensure the correct development of each of the program's editions. In addition, the Program Manager will accompany you, provide support and answer your doubts in general so that you can continue with your training quality.

Wide range of practical activities

In addition to the notes and teaching material provided by the virtual campus, all the masters have a variety of activities so that you can put into practice and consolidate the contents acquired throughout the program.

  • Investigation
  • Conceptual maps
  • Brainstorming
  • Project development
  • Analysis of cases
  • Design thinking
  • Prototypes
  • Presentations

Two axes of complementary evaluation

  • The continuous evaluation. Based mainly on the periodic delivery of practices throughout the course.
  • The final evaluation. Presentation of the final project, which will allow to verify the degree of acquisition of the knowledge and skills foreseen in the program.

Specialized software

Reinforcing the practical nature of ESDESIGN teaching, we provide our students with specialized software . This tool will allow you to develop, in accordance with current needs, the skills of the program.

The learning developed throughout the Master will facilitate your future development both with the specific software provided by the school and with any other similar characteristics that exist in the market.



Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

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