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School specialized in Ecommerce leader in students trained as experts in Ecommerce and Digital Marketing. With more than 190 teachers, who have trained more than 1100 students in Ecommerce and Digital Marketing.

We are the First E-commerce School born in Spain

In 2010 Fabián López (@faloco) and Gerardo Salvador (@gerardsalva) had a meeting in which they were talking about the difficulty in the labor market to be able to hire a good e-commerce manager to supervise the digital marketing strategy of the company and improve sales results. Both concluded during that conversation, that although there were good training in communication with social networks, none of them focused on electronic commerce. That gave way to the creation of the Ecommaster School, which began in 2011 as a Master in Ecommerce and Digital Marketing in Elche.

Today, it is taught in Elche and Madrid in person and online in more than 20 countries.

One of the differential values has been to bet on professors from companies that provide practical knowledge to the classroom, instead of doing it from the academic world little connected with business reality.

What was the initial idea?

The initial idea was to create a curriculum and a teaching staff that would allow closer training, in a small group of no more than 20 people and in which teachers will help the student improve the results of their company on the Internet, or to develop in the classroom a business idea from scratch that will begin to obtain sales even before the end of the Master.

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Since its foundation in 2011, has developed its own methodology that guarantees not only the transfer of knowledge but also the acquisition of basic entrepreneurial skills for all types of companies, projects or professional environments.

All the activities of the Ecommaster curriculum are aimed at this purpose and both the teacher's classes and the complementary material available on our platform are of high practical content that seeks to bring the professional world of academics as close as possible.

Thus, in the complementary material of the Master you can find abundant cases of success (and failures), told in first person by its protagonists, tutorials of tools focused on daily practice and, of course, examples of strategies, techniques and tools that are presented in face-to-face classes or in videoconferences.

Academic Directorate and Head of Studies

They are the members of the Ecommaster team that closely follow the evolution of the Master's activities. A team of three people available to students who structure the work on a weekly basis, coordinates the calendars and energizes the relationship between teachers and students. In addition, they are able to solve technical questions and advise on the best way to enhance the talent of students, when starting any project or their career.

Ecommaster teachers

The type profile of Ecommaster teacher is that of a professional with years of experience in the world of electronic commerce or digital marketing, either developing own projects or working for large players such as Amazon, eBay, PayPal, Inditex, PC Components ... and also for start-ups that have headed the technology section of the newspapers more than once.

These are excellent professionals who defend their work in an increasingly demanding sector and, in addition, keep alive their desire to add value and knowledge to new student promotions. With busy agendas in many cases, it is sometimes a privilege to have them teaching at Ecommaster and it is the work that we love to do in the study headquarters, confirming the dates two months in advance for everyone's peace of mind. In the last year we have only had to postpone two classes in the same week ... one because of the flu and another because the teacher was going to be a father.

Learning by doing

Digital marketing is a constantly changing discipline in which new trends that bring new concepts and review of strategies continue to emerge. This requires its professionals the ability to manage high volumes of information and the critical sense to separate fashions from the real disruptions that appear in such a dynamic sector.

For this, apart from a content already very practical, we propose to our students the implementation of a business project in which to directly apply what is learned in the classes.

The Ecommaster curriculum includes a Master's Final Project consisting of a business plan composed of the following documents: Market study or competition analysis, Marketing plan, Analysis of the ecommerce platform and Economic feasibility study.

Valid for both existing companies and for fictional projects, Ecommaster is the perfect environment to accelerate these projects. Typically, these projects end up being businesses with real billing, are transferred for a higher value than the master's tuition or, in the worst case, a very good presentation letter to accompany the students' curriculum.

Flipped classroom

It is one of the latest educational innovations that is reaching classrooms around the world. In a nutshell, it consists of reversing the traditional way of learning so that the student studies the theoretical contents beforehand and reserves the class time to consult with the teacher specific questions related to their learning needs.

It is the best way to adapt our courses to the needs that different professional profiles may have. In Ecommaster, we have it implemented in most courses that are part of the Ecommaster PRO program and, little by little, we are incorporating details of this methodology in the rest of the masters.

Field visits, alumni community and Networking activities

From the moment they are admitted to Ecommaster, our students are invited to participate in the Alumni community, a private group in which they contact all teachers and students from other editions. Information is shared, professionals are recommended and business opportunities are found.

In addition, throughout the calendar visits are organized to the facilities of online stores and marketing agencies in Madrid and Alicante where, once again, the reality of the professional world can be known first hand and where it is easy to access recruitment initiatives of talent that end up crystallizing in practices, scholarships and contracts.

Likewise, our students are present at events, conferences and presentations that we organize throughout the national territory, often being their first step to be hired as professors by other business schools.

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The Master Digital Marketing and Ecommerce face-to-face in Alicante is designed from a practical point of view, our curriculum being one of our differential points. ... [+]

The Master Digital Marketing and Ecommerce face-to-face in Alicante is designed from a practical point of view , our curriculum being one of our differential points.

Training in Electronic Commerce and Digital Marketing is essential to efficiently manage Internet sales. In Ecommaster we have the keys to become an authentic ecommerce manager, and teach you all the necessary strategies to succeed Online . The present and future of business is on the Internet. Specialize!

Studying the needs we have had and continue to have teachers and ecommerciantes in our day to day. We have been adapting it after 8 editions of an E-commerce Master's Degree in Alicante , 5 face-to-face editions in Madrid, and 13 editions in Online mode.... [-]

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