Estudio Nómada


Estudio Nómada
Estudio Nómada is an international working, learning and exhibition complex for globetrotting artists. In studios in Barcelona and HongKong students and artists work together, inspire each other and learn from each other.

Independent art school
The group of artists that is established in Estudio Nómada guides art students, aspiring art students and starting artists in their artistic development. You will work in your own studio space in an intensive program, surrounded by the professional artists that also guide you. Being a part of a very active and international artists network in the center of Barcelona you will have the chance to show your work in exhibitions and events.

In our studios, the focus is on the production of work and on the autonomous search for your personal artistic fascinations. You will be closely guided by artists that have their studio in the same building and a selection of guest artists from our network.


  • develop and select a strong portfolio
  • discover your artistic motivations
  • take part in events and exhibitions in Barcelona
  • formulate and verbally express yourself about your art more accurate and in a contemporary context
  • find your working rhythm and working process
  • orientate in the art world

Program Highlights

  • individual guidance in your artistic process
  • individual guidance in finding the artistic vocabulary that fits your work
  • various workshops by our artists
  • group meetings with your peer students guided by an artist
  • art documentaries or films that fit your interest (from our >700 collections)
  • visit events, galleries, and musea
  • exhibit in our exhibition space downtown Barcelona

Duration: Preferably 6 months or more, minimally 2 months

Costs: €650,- per month



Estudio Nómada Art School
Carrer de la Palma de Sant Just, 7

08002 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

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