Institut Barcelona D'Estudis Internacionals


IBEI is an inter-university institute created in 2004 as a joint initiative between five public universities in the Barcelona metropolitan area to promote postgraduate training and research in politics and international relations. Five institutions joined subsequently who also believed in the mission and in the importance of promoting scientific knowledge in order to encourage understanding of global challenges to governance in our world. IBEI is now consolidated and obtains a high level of recognition in academic research at a European and international level.

The first flagship programme was the Master in International Relations, which has grown consistently, reaching 100 students per year. Students now come from more than 30 countries, which is an indicator of the programme's growing prestige, backed by the academic quality of the teaching staff and the diversity and attractiveness of the elective subjects offered. The Master's Degree was audited and approved as an Official University Master's Degree in 2010 when it obtained a favourable report from the National Agency for Evaluation, Quality and Accreditation (ANECA). This postgraduate programme is supplemented with research seminars, specialised workshops, and summer schools; Barcelona Summer School in International Politics and the Summer School of the Mediterranean, have become leading events in the study of international politics and the Mediterranean.

As well as IBEI's educational activities, it is important to highlight the excellence of the academic staff and their distinguished research profile. From the beginning, this team has been created by advertising annually for postdoctoral and assistant lecturer positions, and through fellowships for visiting academics of prestige. From 2008, this has been supplemented by researchers from Catalan universities and the incorporation of researchers with external funding (ICREA, Marie Curie, Ramón y Cajal and Juan de la Cierva programmes). Currently, IBEI has more than 25 PhD-level researchers in the sphere of international relations, comparative politics and political economy. They are involved in a large number of research projects and have an excellent publishing background in the most important international specialist journals.

Since this first stage of expansion, IBEI has continued its commitment to attracting talented professionals as the basis for its institutional growth and to enhance the quality of its training programmes, especially the Master in International Relations. The implementation and advancement of all these projects show IBEI’s willingness and excellent positioning as one of the main European centres of advanced training and research in politics and international relations.



Institut Barcelona D'Estudis Internacionals
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