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The world is changing like never before, and at IE University we are prepared, we are connected, and we keep moving forward. We lead change because whatever the circumstances, our resilience, passion and grit fuel us to adapt and push the limits - most of all our own.

No matter where you are in the world, we are continuously adapting our programs to your needs, to offer you an unparalleled interactive learning journey and transformational experience. Our programs adapt to your life and your needs: connect to a class from any device, partake in online video face-to-face group work with classmates from around the world, collaborate to build solutions to real-world challenges in forums and live simulations. At IE, we are connected no matter what the situation requires.

All of our programs starting in 2020 are being adapted so you can attend classes and receive the same top-quality experience, no matter where you are or what you need. Don’t put your education on hold and jumpstart the next chapter of your life.

Teaching and learning at IE is liquid - a unique educational experience that seamlessly blends various physical and digital environments to provide our students with a highly interactive learning journey. With over 20 years of experience, we equip individuals with the mindset and tools they need to make a lasting impact through our unique teaching methodologies, innovative technologies and diverse, world-class faculty.

No matter where you are in your professional career or in the world, our academic offering adapts to your specific needs: Full-Time, for a completely immersive experience or Part-Time to study while you continue your professional career. Choose the option that strikes the right balance between your personal, professional and educational needs.

IE Law School

At IE Law School we are firmly committed to preparing you to work, thrive and build solutions for a complex globalized and digital world.

We need legal professionals prepared to address global challenges and we believe this new environment calls for a global legal education. IE Law School provides you with the knowledge and skills to navigate this dynamic, international environment, and incorporates key multidisciplinary topics including politics, philosophy, economics and the humanities. Legal education that goes beyond borders is now more important than ever, as local solutions or perspectives are not enough. A deep understanding of comparative law will enable you to master the different legal systems and will provide you with a unique and creative global legal mindset.

We recognize the opportunities that lie ahead to harness the power of technology to improve legal education, legal practice, and legal systems, and we are committed to research and teaching in the intersection of law and technology. At IE Law School, you will explore implications in the frontier of tech and law: from Artificial Intelligence and Data Privacy to issues related to Cybersecurity and Smart Contracts.

Training global lawyers requires expertise and innovation in global legal education. Our world-class international and diverse faculty, with academic and professional background use innovative teaching methodologies and legal industry know-how, and they are the perfect combination to empower you and allow you to enhance your professional outlook.



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