Instituto Europeo de Salud y Bienestar Social


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About us

The Instituto Europeo de Salud y Bienestar Social is a scientific and cultural foundation that has among its goals medical education, patient satisfaction and the development of exponential medicine.

Its forums and activities build currents of opinion to promote the model of excellence and innovation in health.

We promote a change of mentality focused on the creation of healthy habits and proactive leaders.

Medical Education

We promote the training of professionals and the development of opinion leaders

  1. We contribute to the development of the professional competence of managers, doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and dentists.
  2. We train professionals and future leaders in skills and good practices so they can create value in the health sector.
  3. We develop training activities and dynamic tools that provide solid support in professional practice.

Enjoy our know-how

We are backed by 20 years of expertise. Since 1996, innovating in health, transferring knowledge and training professionals.128666_rsz_javier-trueba-iqpr1xkf5f0-unsplash.jpg



Calle de Joaquín Costa, 16, 28002 Madrid
28002 Madrid, Community of Madrid, Spain

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