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During its 30 years of history, the Instituto de Estudios Cajasol has been recognized as one of the best national business schools, especially within the Andalusian area with whose companies it has maintained a closer contact.

At the origin of the current Instituto de Estudios Cajasol it goes back to El Monte de Piedad and Caja de Ahorros de Sevilla, which created the Social Work of Orientation and Advice, to resolve queries from its clients and workers. His first training sessions were on personal income tax, and in 1983 the first long-term course on SME management was launched.

When Monte de Piedad renews its corporate image and is renamed El Monte, the first Superior Fiscal Advisory Course appeared in the current Master in Fiscal Advice.

In these years there are only the San Telmo Foundation, the Confederation of Sevillian Entrepreneurs and the Chamber of Commerce. The Institute is highly demanded.

The Institute of Legal and Business Studies became the training center for professionals and managers of Seville and its surroundings. After the appearance of Cajasol, which arises from the Merger of Savings Banks El Monte and San Fernando, the Institute, now called Cajasol, gains new momentum, expanding its training areas and its activity for professionals.

In 2015, the Andalusian Club of Directors was born under the Instituto de Estudios Cajasol and the Cajasol Foundation, currently a meeting and debate forum for executives and presidents of the most relevant companies on the national scene.

Currently, the Instituto de Estudios Cajasol can boast of having trained three generations of professionals, who are divided into positions of varying responsibility of the Andalusian and Spanish entities.

In these 30 years of existence, we have been proactive actors in the social and economic development of our environment.

Mission and Values

IEC values

Quality, innovation and experience

  • The vocation of Instituto de Estudios Cajasol is to provide the most qualified postgraduate training for successful professionals. Our programs, based on the continuous adaptation to the economic and social reality, guarantee work prosperity for our students.
  • We are committed to training for professional development, new leadership, and personal fulfillment.
  • We are backed by more than 30 years of experience, in which we have trained more than 22,000 executives, professionals and university graduates who now integrate the templates of the best national and multinational firms.
  • Our complete masters, expert courses and specialization in the most requested aspects of the market are a national and international reference.

A prestigious cloister

  • More than 600 professionals of excellence.
  • The best experts in the country in each specialty. A heterogeneous cloister that has university professors, businessmen, active professionals from the private sector, executives and senior public administration officials.
  • Professors of great human and intellectual quality, focused on the personal attention of the student, and accustomed to the training of senior executives.
  • All the benefits of a cloister with magnificent relationships in the main legal and business environments.

The endorsement of the Cajasol Foundation

  • A business school with the guarantee of the Cajasol Foundation.
  • Backed and promoted by the Cajasol Foundation, with a strong social vocation, determined to support economic development through postgraduate training.
  • All the values and benefits of the deep involvement of the Cajasol Foundation in the productive and business fabric in Andalusia.
  • Contacts with companies and institutions of national and international character.

Community of Students of the Instituto de Estudios Cajasol

  • Rigorous selection systems that privilege the human and intellectual quality of the student.
  • Compact and homogeneous groups in which teamwork, communication, friendly atmosphere and human relationships are favored.
  • An active Student Association with its own headquarters in the Institute, in which the special bonds of union established by the Institute with its students and teachers are expressed. A meeting point for the different generations of students. A trust group that performs an important job of guiding the students. And an extensive program of activities, internal and external: professional advice, training through monographic courses and conferences and recreational initiatives.

Maximum financing facilities

  • Scholarships and Helps to study the Masters, funded by the Cajasol Foundation.122457_pexels-photo-1438072.jpeg Buro Millennial / Pexels

The most advanced facilities

An old rural hacienda, of great patrimonial and artistic value, reconverted and adapted to the functionality of a modern training center, with almost 4,000 m2 of constructed area, with the most advanced facilities.

A privileged environment for academic life, which favors the concentration and exchange of experiences.

Antonio Pulido Gutiérrez, President of the Cajasol Foundation

This will be remembered as a time of great economic changes, which, although they have generated instability and uncertainty, are leading in the long term to profound social transformations and new ways of understanding life.

Gone are previous structures based on beliefs and values that, as economic-social evolution is demonstrating, were wrong. It is necessary to walk towards a less materialistic life model, more fair with its surroundings and more supportive of others.

This requires a lot of qualification and creativity, since it is about finding a productive and growth system based on dynamic and competitive activities, but at the same time sustainable in economic, social and environmental terms.

This evolution is also changing the values and principles that are demanded in the professionals and managers who are leading the development of current companies. In addition to mastering and adapting to the frenzied technological and digital renewal, companies require people with knowledge, but also with strategic vision, ability to manage change, and fair and ethical principles in their professional aspects, such as generosity, empathy, transparency, humility and team spirit.

Immersed in this great global evolution, in 2018 we celebrated the 30th anniversary of Instituto de Estudios Cajasol , an event that we took the opportunity to reflect on our role in society. During this trajectory, which began with a business advisory and professional training service, the Institute, now belonging to the Cajasol Foundation, has established itself as a reference center for professionals, managers and entrepreneurs, a forum for the exchange of ideas and creativity, and promoter of the socio-economic development of Andalusia.

From the Cajasol Foundation we reaffirm, through the Institute of Studies, our commitment to training, training and research to contribute to the adaptation of young graduates and professionals with experience to new needs. Our programs are aimed at promoting a renewed mentality in Andalusia and adapting our companies to values that contribute to develop in a sustainable and fair manner.



Hacienda Cartuja, Av. del Aljarafe, s/n, 41940 Sevilla
41940 Seville, Andalusia, Spain