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The agricultural sector is a fundamental sector in terms of the welfare of the world population and its future. Not only it has to do with the guarantee of food security, but it is also creating job in surveillance and care of natural resources. The International School of Agri Management was born from the knowledge of the agricultural sector and its values as the first International Business School oriented to cover the present and future training needs of the agribusiness sector worldwide. Located in Almeria, one of the main agricultural hubs in the world, it takes advantage of its geographical location to offer international master’s degrees in agribusiness.

The sector is changing by leaps and bounds with the emergence of new technologies, new consumption habits, the responsible use of resources, corporate social responsibility, agro-industrial marketing, and so on. That is why all the agents of the agricultural and agri-food supply chain must have leaders prepared to face and anticipate these challenges allowing them to compete in the market.

Prepared Leaders

At ISAM, we have active consultants and integrated companies to cover and fulfill a basic need: to train highly qualified professionals in company management and direction in the agricultural sector. We have an international teaching staff with proven teaching capacity and experience in the agribusiness sector, representing the entire agricultural and agri-food supply chain.

We are Agro

ISAM is an international business school born from and for the agricultural sector.

We are Pioneers

First business school specialized exclusively in agribusiness.

We are Global

We are born with the aim of developing programs around the world, online and in person.

We are Innovation

Research exclusively in agribusiness. Innovation is a constant process at ISAM.

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To train professionals in agribusiness who want to generate a positive impact in their companies and in society, trained to create an optimal ecosystem that makes the whole agricultural supply chain thriving thanks to innovation, efficiency, and sustainability.


Lead the training of professionals in agribusiness worldwide.



We propose solutions to the changes arising in the environment of the agricultural sector with the training.


We are part of the student training process by collaborating with him/her towards a shared goal: our mission.


Different nationalities, cultures, and experiences will enrich the growth and interpersonal relationships.


Going one step ahead towards excellence in achievements in all areas in which we operate.


We live it as a constant process. We seek and propose different ideas to achieve better results in our day-to-day.

Inclusion and Diversity

Since the birth of ISAM, we are committed to inclusion and diversity in a positive way. It is a great opportunity to learn, improve and why not, to establish personal relationships that can lead to future international professional relations.

In our facilities, diversity existing in society is reproduced: cultural diversity, socio-economic means, gender, sexual orientation, and abilities.

We have an organizational structure and a teaching team that from the beginning created a collaborative, welcoming and motivating institution to assess all capacities, regardless of the student profile to ensure the professional success of each person.

Diversity, as we embrace it at ISAM, makes the passing through our classrooms much more enriching. A broad and diverse vision of the world to act as an engine of innovation.



Avenida de la Innovación,15
04160 Almería, Andalusia, Spain

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