La Salle International Graduate School IGS


La Salle International Graduate School IGS

La Salle has 1,600 schools among which 73 universities and business schools covering more than a million students from five continents.

It is an institution capable of detecting the training needs of every social situation and adapt to its quirks. This explains that La Salle is an institution that promotes the cross-cultural wealth of ideas generated by the divergent thinking, providing access to knowledge and sharing experiences that enrich the training proposals.

La Salle Campus Madrid is a strong restatement of the existing University Center with the goal of becoming a training environment where innovation and promote knowledge and its value, enriched and empowered by the international and cultural diversity that make the Salle an open space.

Converge on campus three hallmarks of La Salle: methodological tradition, the ongoing commitment to personal development and commitment to innovation as a vehicle for improvement.



La Salle Centro Universitario
c/ La Salle, 10

28023 Madrid, Community of Madrid, Spain

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