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The driver you need to succeed in the digital economy.

We lead you through the most important pillars of the Digital Economy from its foundations in Programming to the world of business through technology and entrepreneurship of new ideas and business models.

Nuclio Digital School offers you a transversal training that allows you to go from a Beginner level to an Expert level.

Our objetive

Undoubtedly, there is a great demand for digital professionals and the current ones often need to renew knowledge, Nuclio Digital School has as main objective to create and renew profiles for the real requirements of the industry so that we ensure that those profiles come prepared to be productive. of the moment one in any company that requires them.

Focused on creating a successful path for our students

We believe that the key to success is the level of quality with which our students finish the training.

Just as we guarantee professional success once the course is finished, the process to enter them requires requirements that candidates must overcome, so that we can create level classes with the necessary skills to keep pace with the subjects.

The validation of skills that the industry needs

We offer certificates for each of our programs. At the end of the course, you can show your qualifications. You will receive a printed and signed diploma.

The objectives of the Certification Framework of Nuclio Digital School is to provide a contemporary and flexible system that:

  • Acts as a reference point for curricular development leading to a professional certification of Nuclio Digital School
  • Supports industry education pathways that provide access to certifications that allow people to easily move between different educators and industry roles
  • Defines a clear path of progression for professionals.
  • It allows a level of alignment with other international roles in the industry.

Carlos Blanco


"There is a big shift between what was studied and what companies demand. The problem is that those who know about technology and online marketing are not teachers. Today a specialized program is more useful than a university program. "



Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

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