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Sports Management School is an international school specialized in Sports Management, located in Paris, Lausanne and Barcelona , focused exclusively on sports management . This gives us a vast experience in all areas related to this world and, in particular, trade and distribution, marketing, communication, the organization of sporting events, etc.

Our goal is to train young professionals and sport managers. Since our creation in 2010, Sports Management School already has 300 undergraduate and graduate students and more than 100 graduates, with an integration rate of 90% in companies in the sector after obtaining the diploma.

Michael Tapiro - Founder of Sports Management School/>

"The business sector of sport, which for a long time has been a world purely driven by passion, has now become a fully fledged economic universe, which revolves around international sports competitions, its broadcasting rights and a growing number of spectators.The sport is now in the hands of specialists in law, finance, administration and marketing, while still being a prominent factor of social and political influence in the development of the economy at municipal, provincial or regional, or even the country or the continent, Its authenticity and attractiveness do not stop growing.

Sport knows no borders. Its international development is consolidated with the growth of emerging countries, thanks to a formidable multimedia media. The development of sports organizations requires new profiles to accompany this change. Sports Management School trains future managers for a sport sector in search of specialized profiles, aware of the new challenges in development and the social imperatives of ethics and good administration. "


Campus Sports Management School Barcelona/>

The Campus of Sports Management School is located in l'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona, ​​and shares a location with other training schools of Grupo Planeta, in 10,800 m2, and with capacity for more than 3,000 students. It has learning and practice rooms, meeting rooms, library, cafeteria and an auditorium.

Campus Sports Management School Paris/>

Campus Sports Management School Lausanne

Planet Formation and Universities/>

Grupo Planeta, founded in 1949, stands out as the first Spanish publishing and communication group. It stands out for the union of its solid business tradition and its great innovative capacity and expressly multichannel vocation. The extensive offer that it leads is focused on culture, training, information and audiovisual entertainment./>

In the field of training, Planeta Formación y Universidades offers an extensive catalog of specialized training, which ranges from professional training to undergraduate, postgraduate and master studies. This training offer is eminently focused on the demands of the market and imparted by combining our flexible methodology and the latest technologies.

University projects:/>

  • EAE Business School: Among the 30 best business schools according to the Ranking of América Economía and the one with the highest growth in the last three years.
  • OBS Business School: First 100% online business school.
  • UNIBA International University Center of Barcelona: Institution attached to the University of Barcelona, ​​which offers Bachelor's and Master's degrees.
  • VIU (Universidad Internacional de Valencia): Private, online university with international projection offering official Bachelor's and Master's degrees.
  • Ostelea, School of Hospitality
  • ESdesign - Barcelona School of Design: School focused on the design sector that offers masters that enable professionals in the sector to specialize in their areas of design knowledge, with a business vision.
  • ESLSCA Business School Paris: Among the 10 best universities and European schools, and in the top 4 of the French market, with the best professional diplomas.
  • EDC Paris Business School: The oldest private and international French school. With 15,000 graduates distributed in 77 countries, many of them business leaders.
  • Institut Supérier de Marketing du Luxe: Founded by the Cartier House, it trains executives and young designers in the hands of specialists from the world of luxury
  • EGE- Ecole de Guerre Economique: First School of Economic Warfare in French, Its pedagogical model is based on the comparative analysis of national and transnational systems, on the transfer from the military world to the civilian world and on the importance of the offensive management of the information for the development of economic activities.
  • IFAM Business School: With one of the first existing international programs, the school focuses on case studies to encourage initiative, deal with different points of view and optimize decision making.



Av. Josep Tarradellas 171-177
l’Hospitalet de Llobregat

08902 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

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