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Until now the key knowledge was in the hands of a few.

Join the business school that is leading the change.

The complete Master of Business where you will learn from reference figures, connect with thousands of people with your concerns and reinforce your personal brand without making an effort in time or money.

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For what?

When you have the key knowledge, contacts and a personal brand that validates you, it will be much easier for you to achieve all your goals.

  • Update your knowledge
  • Give a career twist or high to your career
  • Start successfully
  • Grow your business / company
  • Become a business expert

More than 12,000 students from Spain, Mexico, Peru, Chile and Colombia have understood that it is an opportunity and have trusted ThePowerMBA .126091_alumnos.jpg



The most important theoretical contents of the best MBAs in the world (Strategy, Digital Marketing, Accounting, etc.)


The success stories (and failures) of startups, corporations and local companies that reinforce all the knowledge acquired.

Areas of expertise

"I have taken courses at Yale, Harvard, HEC, Cornell and this MBA, in my opinion, gets a very high score" Carlos Montoro - Student ThePowerMBA

Strategy and business models

From the best tools and models (business model canvas, strategic chart and value curves, Porter, Ansoff, etc.) and the analysis of numerous success stories, you will acquire knowledge that will allow you to be able to understand and analyze business models, competition, competitive advantages, growth strategies, etc.

Innovation and lean startup

A true manual to create profitable and sustainable business models in uncertain environments. A philosophy that transforms business strategy and that all managers and companies in the world should incorporate into their DNA.

Marketing and Digital Marketing

There is no digital marketing, digital marketing IS. Learn to design and implement a strategy to grow your business based on digital channels: setting goals, setting conversion goals throughout the entire funnel, use of the main tools and channels of capture, analytics, trends, etc. .

Accounting and Finance

Until you understand finance and accounting you don't understand business and company. This course will help you understand, in a very intuitive way, the language and principles of accounting, how a company is financed, how an investment is analyzed, what are the main indicators and ratios used to assess profitability and risk, the main valuation methods of a company, etc.

Personal development

Soft skills necessary to grow personally and professionally.

Leading organizations

Companies are made up of people, and proper management of people, their challenges, business culture, interest groups and change processes, that is, the management of organizational behavior is one of the main keys that make the difference between mediocre and excellent companies.

The biggest disruption in the history of education

"Until now it didn't seem possible that a master's degree of this level had this price"

Until now the best knowledge was in the hands of a few, who could access prestigious schools.

ThePowerMBA is a different school. We believe in bringing this knowledge to restless and eager people to learn, relying on references around the world and with a flexible method, which allows you to not compromise your pace of life, or your finances.



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