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We are a reference University Center in the training of future leaders of the digital world. We are a high performance center that combines the international experience of its founders, a community of students and professionals very united and an inexhaustible source of innovation. At U-tad we are proud that our students learn by working in a real real environment.

Realizing practices in real projects, working with the same technology as the leading companies and living in the campus with internationally successful professionals and entrepreneurs. At U-tad we invest in the future of our students. Only in this way can effort be transformed into prestige.


Innovate in education and evolve in parallel to the demands arising from the growth of the digital economy, fostering the cognitive skills of communication and research necessary to train successful professionals through their undergraduate, postgraduate and higher level training programs , Training for employment and training for companies and institutions.


As an educational institution, we have a double function: on the one hand, a social function, oriented towards the creation and dissemination of knowledge, and the preparation of good professionals capable of serving as a stimulus and being useful to society; on the other, to develop and strengthen the digital economy through the generic and transversal promotion of content, services and digital companies within the information and knowledge society in which we are immersed.


  • Global vision: U-tad works to offer global training within the processes of the value chain inherent in the digital economy.
  • Technological innovation: Consequence of the constant search for new techniques and implementations of technology in the classrooms and in the subjects taught.
  • Entrepreneurship: Promote and facilitate the materialization of students' ideas in real projects.
  • Academic Excellence: Promoting quality training and excellence in the training of students, making them the best professionals and the next leaders in the digital economy.


Our educational model recreates a real environment that evolves at the pace that the industry itself does and that ends up being part of it.

Our educational model is based on three fundamental pillars.

  • Cutting- edge technology: We replicate the technological models of the industry through an educational environment with the same technological endowment as the big companies and development studios of the world. And we do it with a technology based on cloud computing that allows you to access all the information you need wherever you are.
  • Transversality of knowledge: You will carry out projects working in teams with students of different degrees and programs . In addition, all our degrees are integrated into the three major areas associated with the value chain of the digital economy: Digital Business, Engineering and Art and Design. In this way, you can join the multiple industries that make up the digital world.
  • Learning by working: The best way to prepare students for the labor market is to replicate it on campus : through the practical nature of the classes, real projects carried out and a faculty that is part of the industry. And in the last course, students continue their training in a company in order to complement the knowledge acquired and promote their employability.


The bidirectional interaction between teacher and student is especially important within our training model. In this framework, the relationship between the two is totally individualized, systematic and planned towards the academic, personal and professional success of the students.

During his time in U-tad, each student has a tutor with the following responsibilities:

  • Help you in your adaptation to university life.
  • Deal with problems of a personal or social nature.
  • Encourage academic performance to be optimal.
  • Offer you realistic career guidance


The moment in which the students finish is crucial in their formation, because they face to make the leap to the labor market. For this, in U-tad, we act as a link between students and companies, facilitating access to our employment exchange and professional practices .

It is an integral and fundamental part of our philosophy to maintain a direct connection from the first day with the industry and to prepare our students so that their insertion in the labor market is immediate and spontaneous.

In our commitment to a practical study methodology, we have developed the Professional Development Service, a strategic unit that serves as a link between students and companies and that will allow you to collaborate on real projects while you study.

Our Professional Development Service facilitates a constant relationship with the most leading companies in each sector throughout your academic career, through professional internships, employment opportunities, projects in the classrooms and entrepreneurship counseling.



Calle Playa de Liencres, 2 bis
(entrada por calle Rozabella)
Parque Europa Empresarial
Edificio Madrid
28290 Las Rozas, Madrid

Madrid, Community of Madrid, Spain

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