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Unisport, the business school of the sports sector.

Unisport is the business school for the sports sector. Here business management, sport and a lot of passion are mixed.

With more than 25 years of experience in training sports managers, our teachers are leading professionals in the sector, forming a teaching team with an open and collaborative mindset, as well as a clear international vision.

We are passionate about sports. We train leading professionals capable of innovation and entrepreneurship, people who bring value to their entities, their collaborators and their clients, in a sector that is constantly growing and with clear needs for professionalization.

We are motivated to see how, year after year, our students get to definitely link their future professional sport, and we can continue to maintain contact with them once qualified, looking for synergies that allow us to move forward together again.

In Unisport we use new technologies to get the best out of you, with rigor and exigency, but with the flexibility that online training offers, and all in a unique collaborative environment. Wherever you are, you will be Unisport.

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Mission, vision and values

The mission is what defines our reason for being, our purpose and the fundamental purpose to achieve before the different interest groups that surround us:

Train managers and professionals in the sports sector, under strict criteria of quality, innovation, entrepreneurial attitude, and clear international vision.

Our vision is the image that we have of UNISPORT in the long term, what we want to be or continue to be when we grow up:

Leading training group in the international sports market, aimed at generating value for sport and society, and especially for our students and our employees.

Our values ​​are our soul. Basically it is our way of doing things, what we believe in and what we print in all our actions:

Effort, rigor, entrepreneurial attitude, sustainability, continuous improvement, international vision and equal opportunities.


Sport no longer has borders. Technology, television, internet, sponsorships, events, sports tourism ... are just some of the factors that have contributed to the globalization of sport in the last decade.

Clubs and Leagues no longer compete only on a national level: In February 2013, for example, clubs in the English Premier League agreed to a cap on the increase in salaries of their respective staff for the next 3 years. Given the incipient purchase of clubs by foreign billionaires this measure aims to reduce the threat of wage escalation. No doubt this decision, taken in London, will have its effects on football clubs across Europe.

On other occasions, a business model imported from other countries, such as Low Cost gyms, can shake an entire industry.

These are just some examples of a reality that any sports manager can not ignore.

In Unisport we are members of the NASSM (North American Society for Sport Management) and the EASM (European Association for Sport Management) and we try to keep abreast of everything that happens in the global sports market, analyzing the possible repercussions for the competitiveness of the sector in Spain.

All our students are subscribed to magazines such as Sport Business International, promoting reflection on the most relevant topics, as well as the global vision of the sports industry.

This vision has its maximum exponent in technical stays abroad, our students have the possibility of knowing sports systems other than Spanish, visiting unique sports facilities or attending events and sessions with top-level speakers.



Av. Ernest Lluch 32, TCM2 Planta 3, Mataró
08302 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

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