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Springboard Towards Your Work

CANVAS brings to creative candidates in "Visual Arts" the solution to embrace a career in the fields of Fashion and Design , belonging to the pioneering industries of this world.

Founded more than 25 years ago in the heart of Lausanne (Switzerland-Romande), the CANVAS School will experience significant and sustained development over the past 15 years. Its founders, initially trained in Swiss Grandes Ecoles, who are passionate about Design and Pedagogy, have created the Institut Supérieur des Arts et Techniques de la Mode. Recognized by all the professions, the Swiss State bodies (CIO, AI and), also on an international level (FEDE, UN, Council Europe, and), the CANVAS School, first class, triumphs regularly in the most prestigious European competitions and has taken a prominent place, like the International Organizations, in the application of the standards on Training and Education for Modern Youth.

Experience In The Service Of Creativity

Take part in CANVAS professionalism to ensure a successful career that meets your ambitions!

The CANVAS School, recognized for its high level of distinction in ARTS

Classes taught during the day or in the evening offer a range of flexible hours allowing everyone to build their adapted schedule, for a better management of personal, family and professional constraints.

An experienced faculty, attentive to the issue of professional integration of students, adapts and adjusts its teaching to the faculties of each learner while honoring the expectations of the labor market.

A model poses for photographers backstage at Mercedes-Benz Fashion / Unsplash

New Pedagogy CANVAS

CANVAS training combines both theoretical and practical approaches related to the artistic and technical aspects of the trades envisaged. These didactic tools allow the student to understand and master the disciplines in their entirety in order to establish themselves professionally in these fields at the end of the course.

In direct interactivity with companies, the CANVAS school offers educational flexibility, a listening ability adapted to the ambitions of each student.

Participation in many projects related to the outside world provides everyone with a labor market experience and the development of a first professional network (international networking).

The formations evolve constantly and reinvent themselves according to the evolution of a world market, in perpetual economic and social transformation.


CANVAS provides accessible training at different levels:

  • Pre-apprenticeship (Preparatory Year for Artistic Trades)
  • Professional (Graduate)
  • Superior (Bachelor)
  • Continuing Education (Certificate)
  • Specialization
  • Free Courses
  • The International Curriculum

CANVAS , an important and influential community of passionate creators, in a multicultural setting.

A recognition extending beyond the Swiss borders, an artistic approach taking in the various cultures of our world, a personal and professional enrichment.

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Levels of degree programs: Bachelor, Graduate, Certificate, Preparation (preparatory year)

The diplomas of the CANVAS school are validated and certified by the FEDE (European Federation of Schools).

CANVAS courses deliver diplomas implemented by the European Credit Transfer System ( ECTS ).

Certified by ETHICAS , the CANVAS group ensures a quality of leading school and the network of United Schools is an internationally guaranteed opening.

In addition, CANVAS is a European Relay Examination Center recognized and solicited for various DEES and Masters alternately.

Study Programs

CANVAS School's various programs of study are designed to cover the entire knowledge of the trades. The combination of the disciplines taught, favored by the coherent linkage of one subject to another, allows for an optimal complementarity and the creation of comprehensive and rewarding training courses that effectively prepare the student for his future profession.

For more information on the courses taught in each course, you can download the document corresponding to the training requested below.



Avenue de Sévelin 46
1004 Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland