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Who are we?

SMC Business School is a truly global institution with learners from more than 130 different countries. We educate high achievers with a sense of individualism, standing out from the crowds. You receive unsurpassed service, strong professional networks, true career opportunities, and remain flexible in place & time.

Our online MBA and online Doctorate (DBA) hold a pole-position in academia. Our signature Executive Training Courses open you exciting professions and a “money can’t buy” experience.

Best practices

The core of SMC Business School’s student body, which consists of high achievers from currently more than 130 different countries worldwide, has an advanced professional standing and typically resides at the very top of internationally renowned organizations and businesses. This circumstance creates an unsurpassed added value to SMC Business School’s students insofar, as they benefit from sharing extensive experience, knowledge, and best practices – a true competitive advantage.

Your perfect fit

Flexible online programs

SMC Business School’s flexible online Master and Doctorate programs can be followed part-time from any place in alignment with the students’ personal and professional commitments.

For working professionals and individuals

SMC Business School recognizes the need for working professionals and individuals in demand for the highest flexibility. Our distance learning system allows students to create personal calendars in alignment with professional and personal commitments.

Ongoing enrollment

Enrollment is ongoing; the programs can be followed from any place, at any time, and at any pace.

Personal attention is a hallmark of SMC Business School’s service culture. Our administration and faculty are amongst the most responsive, attentive, and service-oriented in the education arena. This is an aspect, which significantly enhances the learning experience, quality, and success.

Academic Philosophy

Pragmatic Approach

  • Personalization
  • High Interactivity
  • Practice-Oriented
  • Continuous Updates
  • Modern Tools

Academic Excellence

  • International Partners
  • Acknowledged Faculty
  • SMC Business School Course Ware
  • Online Library
  • >15 000 Case Studies
  • SMC Business School Online Learning Portal
  • Networking Platform

Continuous Support

  • Update Courses
  • Faculty Support
  • Personal Counseling
  • Placement Services
  • Alumni Network

Accreditation and recognition

Degree recognition and acceptance

The Master and Doctorate degrees obtained through SMC Business School are government accredited and recognized. SMC Business School adheres to the highest Swiss quality standards in every aspect of service delivery and academic rigor. The SMC Business School degree-granting body is amongst the leading research universities in the Americas.

Compliance with the Bologna Declaration

Recognizing the importance of the European and International dimensions in education, SMC Business School underwent the process of adapting to the criteria of the Bologna Declaration, which regulates the standards and transferability of credits and degrees in Europe. SMC Business School fully complies with the criteria set forth in this international convention.

Accredited degrees are recognized within learning institutions, colleges, and universities on an international scale. An accredited degree is however not a guarantee for enrollment and acceptance at other universities or businesses. Students are also advised to check with their local authorities on the recognition of the program and degree.

The European educational directives

  • Adoption of a system of easily readable and comparable degrees aimed at facilitating academic and professional recognition of course units, degrees, and other awards, so that citizens can effectively use their qualifications, competencies, and skills throughout the European Higher Education Area.
  • Establishment of a system of credits aimed at greater flexibility in learning and qualification processes, ECTS, providing both transferability and accumulation functions. Together with mutually recognized quality assurance systems, such arrangements will facilitate students’ access to the European labor market and enhance the compatibility, attractiveness, and competitiveness of European higher education.
  • Promotion of mobility of students, teachers, researchers, and administrative staff as set out in the Bologna Declaration and the Mobility Action Plan endorsed by the European Council in Nice in 2000.
  • Promotion of European cooperation in quality assurance and the recognition of the vital role that quality assurance systems play in ensuring high-quality standards and in facilitating the comparability of qualifications throughout Europe.
  • Promotion of the European dimensions in higher education. In order to further strengthen the important European dimensions of higher education and graduate employability, we develop modules, courses, and curricula at all levels with “European” content, orientation, or organization. This will concern particularly modules, courses, and degree curricula offered in partnership by institutions from different countries and leading to a recognized joint degree.

Ready to challenge your future?

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